Calming Meditation

Calming-meditationSummertime, the living’s easy. Days seem to replace nights and nights outdoors replace those inside. We can all agree the vibration of summer is high and with this can bring stress to our biological and psychic systems. Often times a chakra assessment shows active and possibly overactive chakra centers this time of year. Our diets may change and our sleep patterns may be altered. With the increased serotonin and Vitamin D no one seems to mind, but it is a nice time of year to do this simple “Calming Meditation”.

The Calming Meditation

  1. Close your eyes. Take three deep breaths in and out. On the in-breath imagine the warm summer breeze filling your lungs and on the out-breath imagine any pollution or toxins leaving your body and lungs. Continue this breathing pattern until you feel bright and clear inside.
  2. Falling into a gentle breathing pattern, tune into the Summer Sun high above you in the sky. Imagine its golden rays beaming down first into the top of your head, then continuing to shine its golden light down over your face, around your neck, over your chest and heart and back, continuing down your arms and sides, down throughout your belly, around your hips, down through your seat, your thighs and knees, your shins and out the bottoms of your feet sending sunshine deep into the earth. As the sun’s light continues to glow throughout you and around you let its warmth relax each muscle, melting all tensions away. Imagine this as your own personal hot yoga, stretching your limbs and joints, pulling your muscles and tendons and elongating you into flexibility.
  3. Once each and every cell is vibrating with warmth, tune into your chakra centers. Starting at your crown chakra, allow this chakra to open to a pleasant golden circle that is rotating clockwise. Now do the same with your third eye chakra, and your throat chakra, your heart chakra, and your solar plexus chakra, your sacral chakra, and finally your root chakra. You may receive colors or images as you open each chakra and allow the steady clockwise movement to occur.
  4. Straighten your spine and create a straight centerline from your top crown chakra all the way down to your root chakra. Beginning with your crown chakra, see a water pitcher pouring cool water into your crown. The water flowing from this beautiful pitcher is filled with the light of thousands of stars. The coolness of this starlit water feels heavenly, and as your crown chakra receives it, the clockwise rotation starts to slow down just a little bit. You can now see ripples in your crown chakra, like the ripples on a summer lake at sunset. Feel the calming effect this has on your crown chakra.
  5. When you are ready bring the water pitcher down to your third eye brow chakra. As the starlit water flows into your chakra, allow the clockwise motion to slow down slightly, and see the ripples bringing peace to this chakra. Pause and take a minute to receive any visions this chakra would like to receive.
  6. Next the water pitcher will pour starlight into your throat chakra, cooling and relaxing this chakra, which gets a lot of use speaking and listening. As the clockwise motion slows and the ripples form, take a moment to “listen” with this chakra to a message Spirit would like to give you.
  7. It is time to pour starlight water into the heart chakra. Repeat the same steps as the chakras above and when you feel this chakra relaxed and tranquil, send this tranquility outwards to your friends and family and community.
  8. As we repeat the same actions with our solar plexus chakra, take a moment to bask in the calming of this fire-y willful energy center. Know that when we feel a calming in our solar plexus chakra, we can make power moves from a grounded and centered place.
  9. As we travel our celestial water pitcher down to our sacral chakra, pouring starlight into this chakra and allowing the clockwise motion to slow, imagine the ripples of this chakra glowing with all colors of the rainbow. See the reflection of this chakra’s rainbow lake and gaze into it asking for a vision of the future. Take your time receiving this vision and message.
  10. Now take three new deep breaths. This time bring the star filled water pitcher down to your root chakra. As you pour the cooling water into your root chakra, know that this water is healing your entire body and immune system. Let the water flow down your legs to your feet. Let the healing water flow onto the ground and be absorbed by Mother Earth. After your healing is complete imagine this chakra staying open and slowing its clockwise direction ever so slightly. Know that this chakra is vibrating at the perfect speed. See the ripples in the lake glowing red with vitality. See yourself as whole and complete and healthy. Take time to have a vision of yourself engaging in an activity that adds health to your lifestyle. Notice that you are strong and joyful while engaging in this activity.
  11. It is now time to imagine yourself back in your meditative space. You are relaxed and calm. You feel balanced and at rest. You have stopped the world from spinning so fast and spent these moments receiving healing. You have remained open to the universe and all of the wonderful gifts it has for you. Give yourself a great big hug of appreciation for spending some alone time during this busy season. When you are ready open your eyes.


© Heather Estara

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