Giving Thanks

As we approach Thanksgiving I’m feeling like it’s the perfect time to be giving the bird some love, so here are a few Turkey Fun Facts:

A turkey’s head and throat can change color according to their moods.

Turkeys form strong social bonds with their family and flock-mates (which can reach numbers as high as 200)

Turkeys can run as fast as 25 mph and fly at up to 55mph

Turkeys have a knack for remembering their territory, which include specific landmarks amidst 1000 acres, even following a year of separation.

Benjamin Franklin advocated that the Turkey, rather than the Bald Eagle, should have been the national bird.

Turkeys in indigenous American cultures are synonymous with “giving”. They are highly intelligent birds who contrary to popular belief are not awkward, nor are they flightless by nature though they do choose to spend much of their time on the ground. They are known as “The South Eagles” or “Give-Away Eagle” and according to oral traditions and belief they choose to dwell close to the earth to teach us how to open our hearts and live as one through the act of gratitude and giving.. Turkeys became synonymous with giving and gratitude to the European settler as well as the early thanksgiving celebrations were taking root. The generous birds surrendered their lives to help the settlers live and they became an integral part of our ancient ritual of giving thanks every year in late November – a tradition that survives today.

The Turkey’s magic or “medicine” is one of “gratitude” and the “potlatch” or give-away. They teach us to give freely of what we have so that others less fortunate may live thus reminding us that we are all one and that we can never be complete as long as others have not. In modern society we are taught to acquire, and that the more you have the better you will be but in reality when you give freely to those in need, you open a space in your heart for Spirit to return your gifts many fold. Material goods are temporary but the gifts of Spirit last for an eternity. Those who practice the art of giving acquire greater blessings than anything material could ever provide; unlike earthly riches the wealth of Spirit you will take with you when your walk on planet Earth is complete.

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

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