Imbolc Re-turn Meditation


Imbolc or Imbolg is a traditional Gaelic festival which celebrates the beginning of Spring, or the midpoint of Winter. This time is celebrated the first week of February by marking the halfway point between the Winter Solstice and the Vernal Equinox. Other manifestations of Imbolc are Candlemas and Groundhog’s Day. Celebrations welcome the returning light and warmth, the first signs of life and birth (mother’s milking the first spring babes), fire and forge (creativity). Colors associated with Imbolc are white and red and focus is on spiritual purification and dedication. Do a self purification rite with Elemental tools — cleanse your body with salt (Earth), your thoughts with incense (Air), your will with a candle flame (Fire), your emotions with water (Water), and your spiritual body with a healing crystal (Spirit). All you need is your intention. Bless candles that you will be using throughout the year. Invoke the Maiden Goddess Brigid for creative inspiration. Take a Nature walk and look for the first signs of Spring. Reflect upon and reaffirm spiritual vows and commitments you have made. In addition use this meditation from now until the Spring (Vernal) Equinox on March 20. Take special note of the New Moon in Aquarius on February 15 as an auspicious time to do the above work and to meditate.


  1. Look for a white or red cloth to sit upon. This can be as simple as a white or red shirt you put down to meditate on or as ornate as a special article you own.
  2. Begin a process of grounding yourself, anchoring yourself with roots coming down out of your body and into Earth. Use the One Root Meditation from last month if you so desire!
  3. Closing your eyes visualize a beautiful fire in an imaginary fireplace in the room you are meditating in. See the fire change from red to orange to yellow to green to blue to purple to pink and finally gold and white.
  4. Now imagine your spiritual fire in the home’s hearth is reflecting little tiny baby gold and white fires in every cell of your being. Each molecular creation that makes up your human body has a mini fire burning inside creating Spirit light and delicate warmth and transformation.
  5. These fires begin to produce a magnetic property. Choose something you would like to return to your life for your mini fires to attract. Think of a general quality or a theme you wish to receive again. You may choose more than one thing, but make sure they are positive in nature, and have cycled through your life in a joyous, helpful way. This is a time for the good, happy things to return. A new turn.
  6. Once you have identified what your magnetic fires are pulling back to you, now imagine that those things are currently existing in your life and this time they are renewed, better than ever, and create more joy in your body and soul than they have previously. Feel the transformation of their return and the transformation in you and your life.
  7. Filled with the art of attraction see your meditating body sit down near the indoor hearth. Connect all of your internal mini fires with the great Spirit fire and see the colors once again cycle from white and gold, to pink, to purple, to blue, to green, to yellow, to orange and finally down to a red ember glow. Watch the coals left behind glow a warm red and focus on your root chakra. From this root see yourself being more proactive and action oriented this Spring and Summer. See yourself being brave and courageous. Imagine your connections with nature and the outdoors enriching your home and work life.
  8. Keeping the subtle warmth of the last of the light in your indoor fireplace allow your internal mini fires to slowly finish burning until they all disappear. Now replace the space in each cell with a tranquil soft blue light. Feel the blue light glow from within and shine it out all around your body and all around your room. This is the blue light of healing and peace. Surround your emotions and thoughts with calmness and oneness, feel your health soar and your soul absorbing great peacefulness.
  9. Before you open your eyes tune into the mindfulness of breath and awareness of the present. Stay focused in the present for the rest of the day/evening. Enjoy your Imbolc Re-turn.
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