My Time Between The Worlds

I was scheduled for open heart surgery, specifically a Bentall procedure, to repair a large aneurysm as well as the aortic valve and the root of my heart. The plan was to cool the body to repair the large artery leading from the heart to the brain and the arteries that delta out from the aorta. What nobody knew however (as it doesn’t show up on Echos and MRIs) is that this aneurysm had torn several months ago. Now when an aneurysm goes undetected, and continues growing 90% of the time, it will eventually rupture, and if that happens, you’re dead. 10% of the time it tears and if that happens emergency surgery within 24 hours might save you. Mine, however, had completely healed itself!! In my surgeon’s 30 years as a heart specialist he had never seen someone’s torn aorta repair itself, and neither had anyone else in the unit I talked to! This happened right around the summer solstice on a Sunday as I was in a seminar, studying with the brilliant British Medium Colon Bates.

Adam Bernstein before his heart surgeryMy heart rhythm suddenly became all out of whack and I developed serious diarrhea. The heart returned to it’s “old normal” in just a few days, but the diarrhea lasted for several months. This prompted me to see a doctor and request an Echocardiogram, thus the large aneurysm was discovered. Spirit led me to the right healer. Dr. Shahani of Vassar Brothers in Poughkeepsie is beyond brilliant, not only as a top talent in the field, but as a spiritual and compassionate human being. I asked people to include him in their prayers before the surgery. He believes in alternative healing practices, Kundalini Yoga, and knows the sacred chants which brings me too my next disovery in this miracle.

As I was being prepped for surgery I was chanting “Sat Nam Sat Nam Ji Wahe Guru Wahe Guru Ji.” The next thing I knew I was in the ICU fully aware of my surroundings, what had just happened and completely sensing that the operation was a full success. I instantly knew my rebuilt heart and aorta was awesome… better than it has ever been, just as I had prayed! According to Heather Estara who saw me coming out of surgery, I had my full color despite the 8 hours of anesthesia and stopping of my heart. While in the procedure, the surgeon experienced ease while going through the steps (power of prayer- include all those involved). Everything went better than expected, he was able to be less invasive than previously thought, my arteries were in perfect condition so they did not have to be replaced. The surgery was lessened by 2 hours and when he was finished “poof” – – my heart just started beating on its own which is crazy.

He had one thing to tell Heather Estara in the waiting room:

“God has a plan for Adam.”

I am so honored to be here. Thank you for all of your prayers and healing. That combined with my Yoga and Spiritual practice created a miracle of epic proportion. You are all awesome and obviously Spirit has more planned for me in this life. Take good care of yourself. Do something to strengthen your Prana (like my choice Kundalini Yoga)and learn to connect with Spirit and stay connected.. oh and yes learn about therapeutic grade essential oils;). I wouldn’t be alive today…

If you would like to donate to Adam’s GoFundMe, please follow the link below.

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  • Jolie Dunham

    God bless you, Adam. I am looking at a extensive surgery in the next few months and reading about yours gives me hope. I will donate after my next pay. Praying for you as always and wishing you a fast recovery. Your blog is fascinating. Jolie

  • Roberta

    You are truly blessed. My love and good wishes for your continuous recovery. You are in my prayers daily. Much love – Roberta