Reflect, Rest and Reboot Meditation

We all go through major cycles and minor cycles. Whichever one you seem to be on, it is always important to reflect back on the period of time you just went through, then rest and allow the information and energy to integrate, and finally reboot. The latter part can be instantaneous or take months. A reboot is a reset of your psyche, your vibration, and your incoming and outgoing signals. Like a new year, you become a new and better you.

Circle of Life


(Tip: Try reading this outloud and record it using a smartphone or computer or recording device. Then listen to it back so that you can fully experience the meditation.)

  1. Close your eyes and take time to breathe in and out. With every breath feel yourself relaxing more and more. Allow any discomfort or dis-ease to leave your body.
  2. You are sitting quietly staring at the horizon. Upon it is a setting sun. You know with each drop of light that disappears, this is the quietness and stillness your spirit has asked for. Watch the sun set into darkness. Feel the void and space all around you.
  3. Suddenly an angel appears behind you. They wrap you in a beautiful blanket. A pinkish golden glow seems to appear out of nowhere. You realize that this glow is enveloping your entire aura. You feel peaceful and happy.
  4. You look forward out in front of you and see a movie screen in the darkness. Images of you and your past months, or year, start to play on the screen. You watch completely disconnected. You are absorbing images and content without emotion or mental thought. You are simply a kind observer of your past.
  5. Now the angel is sitting beside you on your right side. They touch your right arm and instantly you feel as if everything is exactly as it should be. You know that the timing is divine. The place you are in is divine. Your experiences are divine. Your angel allows you space to cry, to feel joy, and to feel all emotion this past year has brought to you. Spend a moment in this guided space. It is a safe and loving space for which you can feel and purge.
  6. When you are ready it is time for you to experience the emptiness and lightness of your new state of being. Feel your physical body as light as a feather, as light as a snowflake. Your entire mental, physical and emotional body is in the present moment. There is no past. There is no future. There is only this moment of gentle vibration with your angel.
  7. Keep tuning into your breath as you rest. Absorb any colors you see and any messages you may hear. Rest in this present space for as long as you need.
  8. Just like the Star spoke to many ancients during this time of year, a bright star appears to you. It is twinkling and glowing brighter than any star you have ever seen! You can feel the wisdom of this star. It is here to help you!!
  9. Let the joy of love, light and knowledge flow from your heart center out to this star. Connect with its essence. Now, either visualize or simply set the intent that you are connected to the sacred Winter Star. Imagine this is true, and feel the power of yourself and this star as one.
  10.  A beam of light comes towards you from this star and it enters your chest. You are suddenly lit up like the Solstice fires, the Hanukkah candles, the lights on a Christmas tree. There are many colors within you shining outwards. You have become a rainbow of colors and you twinkle just as bright as the Winter Star.
  11. Now you know that you have been reborn into a new cycle. Allow it to take as long as it needs to, to take effect. You are filled with the vibration of new possibilities. You are refreshed and blessed with created light, divine wisdom and knowledge. You are the Saturnalia Baby. The new Prince or Princess of the coming year. This is your time to shine. Shine away in the coming days.
  12. Return your attention to your feet, your seat, and your roots. Let Mother Earth’s gravitational pull ground these changes and frequencies so that you may integrate your blessed experience. Breathe. Relax. Reboot.

We wish you a very happy holidays and a joyous new year ~ Between The Worlds

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