The Edge of Sixty

I’m always the first to say things like “Embrace all stages of life as they are all beautiful” or “Not worrying about growing old is the best way to maintain a youthful energy and look”, but I have to admit that with my 60th birthday fast approaching I’m much more in my head about it then when I turned 40 and 50. Certainly despite the body’s changes I feel as young as I ever did, and the number of times this current body has circled the sun does not define my “age”. These human bodies have their limits however and 60 has become a stark reminder that this cycle of life in this particular body is starting to wind down and the inevitable transition back to Spirit is not far away..

I feel like I have grown a lot and served Spirit and my human community well in this lifetime. I feel that there is more I could and probably should be doing. Perhaps the only fear I have of growing old is the regrets many of us have for not doing enough to serve the greater good when we were young. The real question on my mind is what can I do in my 60’s that will make me feel the most joy and fulfillment while honoring my commitment to serve Spirit to the fullest. The answer (which of course was the obvious answer) came the other morning when I was doing my prayers by the creek, and that is to work with the kids. To create my program for psychic and spiritually advanced children and teens, write my book(s), train as many kids as I possibly can and to do my part to educate the public on the importance of properly nurturing and educating the growing number of advanced souls in young bodies on this planet. This is the future. This is how we are to survive as a species and move into our next phase of evolution. And the future is now.

I will still be doing readings and mediumship circles and galleries as I love helping people with the gifts Spirit has blessed me with and making those love-filled connections with the souls on the other side but I will be starting to put a lot more focus on the children, programs for them, and the future of this planet. The best is yet to come!!!

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