The Year of Ascension: Month of Change

2018 adds up to 11 in Numerology.  This is the number with the same prefix as “Elevate” and “Elevator” and calls upon us to rise higher. With this, it brings a higher spiritual influence into the collective consciousness which really shakes things up here on planet Earth.  With March comes a Universal “5 Month” to add to our 11 year.  Number 5 is associated with radical change as well as healing and freedom. As if things weren’t interesting enough these energies will likely stir the lid off the pot during our 2nd month of the year with two full moons. With it expect more upheaval, resistance, and change against the ruling parties and status quo.  Revolution is in the air.

So far this year I’ve personally had periods of little to no sleep, times of little to no appetite and times when the energies were so strong I felt like I was to jump out of my skin.  I know a lot of you can relate to this. But my connections with my Guides, Angels, and the other side have taken on new heights and the general sense is there is an evolution going on that will take this planet by storm and those doing the work will evolve more quickly than ever.   Many people will discover they have healing abilities, psychic abilities and empathic abilities for the first time.  Some will experience energies they’ve never felt, while those more seasoned in spirituality, will find their growth accelerated as their very structures change, even down to a physical cellular level.  It’s not an easy time as the body, mind, and emotions tend to fight change but even on a physical level, we are being prepared to bring greater and higher energies and light through our beings and into the world.  Meditation, as well as increased exercise, spiritual exercise and changes in diet, will greatly assist those who are ready for the shift as the nervous system and other systems of the physical and spiritual bodies adapt to new and higher frequencies.

Here is the message I got just yesterday for all the evolving souls out there:

“Lightworkers, Spiritworkers. Energyworkers:  It’s time to kick it up a notch! Everything is changing on planet earth and your skills are needed to help your species during an important phase of human evolution. I thank you for making this commitment at this time for your growth is a blessing which has the power to uplift everyone.”

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