2012: The Year of the Hundredth Monkey

Before I begin you might want to refresh your knowledge on the hundredth monkey.

Hundredth Monkey Effect

Picture Courtesy of divineplayground.org

No, the world will not end but this year is bound to be an active, wonderful, and in some ways challenging one as humanity reaches that tipping point in evolution where our mass consciousness starts shifting fully into the Spiritual. The signs are all around us. Prophecy had decreed. We are poised to make the most significant leap in consciousness ever (in known history) and that is happening right now as the old paradigm of greed and separation is finally starting to shift into the more spiritual perspective of community and oneness.

Let’s Break It Down

Depending on who you listen to or what you read the cusping period from the Piscean age into the Aquarian age began around 1990-1992 and completes around 2011-2014. According to the Mayan calendar the current age (Pisces) ends in 12/21/2012, and in some Vedic texts ends either 11/9/2011 or 11/11/2011. I personally believe this actually happened with the great eclipse/alignment of 12/21/2010. Whatever the case, cusp periods are gradual and probably cannot be broken down to a single day, or even a single year for that matter but here’s the thing – It is universally believed that sometime 2008 and 2016 we will be through the cusp and completely in the Aquarian age en route to that Golden Age of Enlightenment that has been long prophesized. What makes 2012 the most significant year of this period is this. 2012 in numerology is a universal 5 year (2+0+1+2=5). Numbers are very powerful as we lived in a numbered universe and each number carries a specific vibration, or power which is definitive and absolute. #5 according to the different systems of numerology is ruled by the planets Mercury, Mars and Uranus. These 3 planets are the “movers and shakers” of the solar system. Mercury is movement, change and communication. Mars is energy and action and Uranus is “sudden release” and revolution and is the planetary ruler of the sign Aquarius.

What to Expect

The disparity between Spiritual people and resistant people will grow. Movements like “Occupy Wall Street” will gain momentum, as will the resistance to such movements of change. Since #5 is associated with air expect weather extremes to continue growing under global warming. Earth changes/natural disasters will continue at an alarming rate. Conflicts, battles and challenges will ensue as the powers that be start loosing their foothold. Economic systems that are prejudice and unfair will start to break down. Spiritual movements to bring about peace and harmony will grow. Spiritual breakthroughs, scientific breakthroughs, and further discovery or disclosure of extra-terrestrial intelligence are likely. Human values will continue changing. They have to. Those who resist will have a hard time. Those with a Spiritual practice who align with higher consciousness will get a boost. It is the best of times, it is the worse of times?

The Conclusion

2012 will not be the “end result” and a “tipping point” simply means that enough people will begin to awaken to spiritual values that it will begin to “tip” mass consciousness into the spiritual. Though we have been moving toward this in the last several years 2012 is the year it will actually happen. This means there will be a massive, exponential growth in the number of people seeking spiritual development the likes of which we’ve never seen before starting this year. If you are a Spiritual teacher, an energy healer, or an intuitive be prepared for an exponential increase in your practice.

Get ready. 2012, as well as the next several years to follow will be a bumpy ride but a beautiful journey. To navigate it securely we must be willing to adapt, possibly to do without a few things once taken for granted and most importantly we must join together in community, hold space and be grounded in our spiritual practices. And look toward the advanced souls currently in the bodies of children and the young. They hold the golden key to our ultimate growth as they are the carriers of the sacred knowledge that will make our transition into a more enlightened species complete.

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