Below are the testimonials of the individuals who have hired me for my psychic services. Their experiences vary and each testimonial has been approved by the said individual with respect to their privacy as requested.


My hat is off to Adam. OK I admit it. I don’t wear a hat. But I’m borrowing one and tossing it up in the air for Adam. Hope you all agree that Adam is an award-winning spiritual / psychic/leader/mensch/educator/and all around informative kind of Renaissance guy who’s hooked up into the spirit world. Note his offers, below – he’s generous and caring, too. All this almost hides the fact that he is a fabulous working psychic.”

-Ellen Donnelly creator of the ‘Metaphysical Network’

“I am writing with reference to a gathering you led at Mohonk Mountain House in April of 2008. My adult daughter and I attended and I was impressed not only with your relaxed and affable manner, but with the connections I felt you made that night. At one point you referenced my Mother by name (Rita) which is not a terribly common name and we had a little discussion at that point. You eventually moved to another family in the gallery and questioning them regarding a family member who would be moving to Southeast Asia / the Pacific and who was a medical person. They made no connection in that vein and you moved on. Let me explain, I thought that the prediction about the Pacific was for the family you were addressing. On our way out of the parlor that evening my daughter said to me “Mom, didn’t you get that prediction?” You see, our younger daughter was scheduled to leave for Japan in July 2008 where her husband would be stationed for three years and that daughter is a nurse. I tried to go back and speak with you but you were surrounded by people. But I’ve thought so many times about your connections that night and their accuracy and quite frankly it always astounds me. You truly have a gift and I’ll always remember that session at Mohonk as unexplainable and fascinating. “


“I wanted to thank you for the reading yesterday. I want to share with you one story from the reading. I called my daughter at collage last night and asked her how she was doing with the song she is writing for my brother Bill who had just passed. A couple of moments passed by, and she said how did I know about the song, no one knows but me? I told her about the reading and acknowledgement Bill wanted for her. She cried, and I immediately felt relief from her knowing that Bill was near her when she needed him. They truly had a special bond. Bill assumed a role of a father and friend with my children, out of love. It was your mediation that Bill told us she was writing a song for him. You became part of our healing process yesterday that is helping with our losses.”


“I had a reading with you at a fair on LI this past winter. Most of what you said was right on the money. But I walked away thinking you were totally wrong when you told me “congratulations, you are buying a house.” I said “no, that’s impossible” And you said “yes, yes, you are moving, you are buying a house.” I was a bit disappointed you said this because there was no possible way we could afford to buy a house. I’m sending you this email from our first house that we actually own. With the grace of God and a generous friend who helped us, we actually own a home. Sorry I doubted you, but so happy the message was right! Can’t wait to see you again and I’m bringing friends. I really admire your abilities. Have a great day and thank you!”


“Just wanted to let you know how much I learned and truly enjoyed the class you held on 11/25! It was a really great learning experience, and I thought that you did a truly great job of explaining how to open our levels of awareness. When you had us meditate and open ourselves up to our different levels of guides, I was really surprised to have had my angel slap me across the face and wondered if that was weird when Bernadette said that was what she had experienced herself too! =) Can’t wait until you hold another class… I truly did learn sooo much that day and think you’re a really great teacher. Hope you enjoy your holidays and look forward to seeing you again soon!”


“I have to tell you about some things that you told me at my and my daughter’s session. You said I was going to have a challenging Jan & Feb at work…you were right. You told me I was going to have something happen with an employee. Actually it was a fellow employee from another dept who got fired…which was upsetting to me….wow! You told me I was going to be traveling in the spring and fall. I didn’t think that was possible. I have tickets to see Barry Manilow in April in Las Vegas (I’ve been a fan forever) i’m so excited! It was a spur of the moment decision to go. Then I was told that the bank is sending me to Minneapolis in the fall for a conference! You were so right on! You also told me that in the future I will have a stong connection overseas…north of London. I can’t stop wondering what that’s all about? You said that to me at two different time…at the group and one on one sessions. I am amazed at how good you are. I know sometimes you don’t think you are getting what you see but it’s usually the receiver that doesn’t get it until later. Thank you so much!”


“I just wanted to let you know that meeting with you yesterday, about my dad, provided me with so much comfort and solace. Everyone keeps telling me that my dad is still with me, but it was hard to believe until I talked to you. Thank you for giving me the greatest gift I could have received–connecting with wonderful father and feeling like he truly will always be with me.”


“I just wanted to thank you for the amazing evening on Tuesday Night. You are very gifted. I feel much comfort from your message. I’m going through a difficult divorce right now and I needed to hear from above that I was doing the right thing. Tuesday night confirmed that. All of my guests were also amazed by what you had to tell them. Each one received important messages and simply the validation that life continues after our bodies cease to exist is so comforting. I hope you don’t mind but I sent your e-mail to some of the ladies that were present.”


“I just wanted to thank you for coming out to Newtown last week. Connecting with my father was so powerful – I was in a fog for a few days afterward trying to figure out how to take it all in! I shared the information with my sister. We hadn’t spoken for five years and the information from our session opend up the door for a good dialogue. You mentioned that you thought I was ‘perceptive’ and ‘intuitive’. How does one go about furthering these abilities?”


“Guess What. Somebody made me an offer on my Place, and I accepted. Just as you said: In July to a couple with a little child. Thank You So Much for All the Advice and help. It was Golden.”


“My meeting with you was my first ever with a medium, and I want you to know that I cannot stop thinking about the experience. It was wonderful. I asked you to let me know who was around me. All of the things you told me were so right on that it astounded me. I have always been a believer in spirits; that they exist, and that our loved ones stay near to us after they pass, etc…..but meeting with you on Sunday has confirmed this more than ever for me. Everything that you were able to tell me in my short 15 minutes with you has given me such comfort and happiness, and I want to thank you with all my heart!”


“Thank you so much for Sunday’s workshop on channeling. It was an incredible experience learning from you. I walked away with understanding and endless information that I am already applying to my meditation. I was very impressed with your presentation. You have a natural way of explaining with great clarity. I look forward to further workshops given by you.”

– Susan