About Adam Bernstein

Adam BernsteinMy path as a Spirit Medium and Psychic began at the early age 4. I gave my very first mediumship reading when my favorite Nursery School teacher returned from a leave of absence.   Upon sensing her sadness I told her quite matter-of-factly “Don’t be sad. Your daddy says he’s very happy in heaven”.  I also started foreseeing future events during early childhood and I became an “expert” weather forecaster by time I was 7. I often gave forecasts to grownups I didn’t even know.  My mom swore that I was never wrong.

Growing up in the ‘60s I had no support in developing my psychic skills so I forgot about most of my gifts by the time I was in high school. I knew that I was vastly different then my peers, but I did not know why.

In college I started studying the Martial Arts and through the training I started seeing and sensing auras and energy fields. I started “reading” people’s minds and I started sensing future events. This all started gradually but culminated into a major spiritual awakening when I was 19.

Besides studying various forms of Martial Arts I started to learn about Yoga, Eastern mysticism, Native American religions and Vedic/Hindu philosophies.  I started meditating, I changed my diet and I did a lot of reading on the different Eastern and Western esoteric paths.

When I was 24 I met Oklahoma City based psychic Ann Barella and my life changed again.  After observing my unusual fascination with her Tarot Cards Ann decided to give me a deck, a book and encouraged me to study. After about 36 hours of virtually nonstop studying (followed by 24 hours of sleep) I gave my very first reading to one of Ann‘s clients, which was startlingly accurate. Ann explained that I acquired the gift of Tarot reading in a past life. I continued to research, practice and develop my new found skills.

As I approached my mid-thirties,  I moved back to my home town of New York City and my interest in divination became re-kindled. In 1994 I started doing Tarot readings professionally. I studied the arts of Palmistry, Astrology and Numerology during this period under top instructors and started incorporating these practices into my readings as well.   I honed my skills through practice, psychic development circles and study.

In 1998 my brother Michael died unexpectedly in an auto accident in Memphis (my last words to him were “whatever you do be careful driving”). He came to me from Spirit about a week later and shared some information with me, which I later validated as true and my new path as a Psychic Medium began.

In 2002 I started doing Mediumship readings professionally. In 2003 I visited Lily Dale NY for the first time (a village in western NY dedicated to the practice of Spiritual Mediumship) and became a student of the internationally known Author and Medium Sharon Anne Klingler.  As soon as I met Sharon I knew I had found my primary teacher, and I can definitely say that I would not be the Medium I am today if it were not for her guidance.

Today I lead seminars and development circles in the arts of Spirit Communication, Psychic Development as well as the Universal laws of Success and Attraction. I do individual readings as well as group “Gallery” sessions. I am also a “Power Attunements” coach as well as an energy healer (I’m a level 3 Reiki practitioner and I’ve completed a course in Polarity therapy).   I am currently working on my first book, a fun and informative training manual for spiritual and psychic children.

To my credit I am a co-founder and a charter member of “The International Mediums League”. I have worked with Court TV’s groundbreaking show “Psychic Detectives” in a promotional capacity. I was profiled alongside 60 of New York’s best and most famous Psychics and Mediums (including a couple of VERY famous Mediums) in the book “Psychic New York” and I have appeared on Fox 5 News and several TV shows on psychics as well as on live call-in psychic radio shows. I have also appeared in articles about psychics in The New York Times, Chronogram Magazine and others. I work, teach and am known throughout New York and New England and as I am internationally recognized.