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From the ancient Angel glyphs of our cave dwelling ancestors, to the “Winged Gods”, and “Beings of Light” from virtually all ancient and modern civilizations Angels have always played an important role in human Spirituality.

Archangel Michael

Archangel Michael

But who are these “Divine Beings of Light” who seem to show up at our darkest moments, and who have the power to bestow miracles? Well, quite simply the Angels are us, and we are them. There is no separation as we are all one with God/Goddess as well as one with each other. When manifest outside of our selves the Angels represent the part of us which is closest to the Divine Creator and can serve as a bridge for us to connect with the very highest aspects of who we truly are.

Residing in the ultra-high frequency dimension known as the Devonic Plane these beings of light can manifest in human form but according to Spiritualist texts they do not incarnate as humans as some Spirit Guides may and they are “at your service” whenever you are ready to receive. They come in a vibration of love and are here to help us in all aspects of our life when called upon in an effort to propel us forward spiritually. They will intercede in moments of great change or crisis and there are hundreds of thousands of documented cases of Angelic interaction to validate this, though one may consciously call upon them direcly for assistance as well.

I only discovered the true nature of Angels recently, and through this discovery I realized that they are actually the easiest of the Spirit helpers to call upon as it is their nature and their purpose to assist. To partake in this field of divine service all we really need do is ask.

To call upon the Angels simply open your heart. Feel the emotions of joy and love pouring out and ask. It is that easy. When you fill yourself with the essence of joy (which love is a key component of) you become irresistible to them (through the spiritual “law of attraction“). Once you feel them around you simply state your request while feeling the essence of your prayers in your heart energetically. Then let go and trust. Though at times it may not seem so they will always know how to best serve you, and those prayers that are in alignment with your divine purpose will always be fulfilled.

There are different type of Angels, most notably there are the “Guardian Angels” which are said to be one or more beings who work with you personally helping you to safely fulfill your Spiritual mission and the “Archangels”, who are connected with a specific vibration and work with you in accordance with that (for example Archangel Raphael works in the emotional healing frequencies, Archangel Uriel works in the creative energy of Fire).

As you start working more with your Angels remember to open your heart to joy first and be open to a miracle. Know that the beings that you attract in the vibration of joy and love are you. There is no separation. Opening up to this level will make a huge difference in your life as it has in mine, and remember; miracles Happen every day. Have a happy holiday season.

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