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Dust Orbs from Lily Dale NY

Ogden and his Luminous Orb Friend

What are orbs? They come in many shades, types and sizes. Sometimes they glow, sometimes they look like opaque spheres reflecting the camera’s flash, sometimes they’re different colors, sometimes they are in motion and sometimes they are not spherical at all. They are quite common and most people have at one time or another unexpectedly come across some while developing, or downloading they’re photos, but the appearance of orbs are far more frequent amongst those who believe in, or work with the Spirit worlds than those that who don’t. So what exactly are orbs? Orbs, in my opinion are not caused by one singular phenomena but rather several, but what all orbs do have in common is that they demonstrate how the camera can reveal that which humans don’t see.

Can orbs be caused by dust? This is a common theory and many people believe that most orbs sightings are merely from the dust around the camera lens being reflected back by the flash. Certainly this is not impossible and if you have any out-of-focus photos with orbs and specs on them this is quite plausible but consider this: dust comes in many shapes and forms and rarely do dust particles look anything like the perfectly round spheres of common orbs. Also consider the fact that cameras are incapable of having both very close as well as more distant objects in focus simultaneously. It’s either one or the other, so if common orbs were caused by dust and debris either the dust around the camera lens, or the more distant objects of your photograph would be in focus but not both. Since most orb pictures I’ve seen show the orbs and the distant scenery quite clearly it makes it very unlikely that simple dust is behind the orb phenomena.

Then What causes orbs? I believe that most orbs are either direct manifestations of Spirits, or more commonly the points of contact where our plane of reality and the Spiritual planes touch, like two energy fields meeting and forming perfect multi-dimensional circlse at the points of contact . In other words each orb is the conduit point “Between the Worlds” from where one or more Spirits may manifest in, or have some influence with our plane of existence. Orbs may also result from UFO activity or from other unknown origins as well.

Types of Orbs

“Common” or “Dust Orbs”: As I explained I believe most “dust orbs” are not dust at all. They are categorized by their spherical appearances of varying size usually appearing opaque or transparent, sometimes with some luminosity. These are by far the most common types of orbs and they are probably the contact points with other worlds.

Colored Orbs: Like dust orbs but in color. Blue (more masculine) and pink (more feminine) are the most common though occasionally you can get gold ones (probably from beings of higher consciousness) as well as other colors.

Angel Orbs: These are very large and more luminescent than common dust orbs, often pink, gold or white in color. Sometimes they take up more than 1/3rd of the entire photo.

Luminous Orbs: Where as dust orbs have an almost reflective quality luminous orbs are clearly glowing from their own light, often with white, gold or blue light. This is probably a powerful Spirit being, an ascended master or an Angel depending upon it’s size and luminosity.

Lightning Orbs: These aren’t orbs in the traditional sense but rather flashes of light that show up unexplainably in photos. The best lightning orb I’ve seen was in a pic which had a flash of very bright white light going right through a native American Shaman performing a healing ritual. These type orbs are probably caused by heightened Prana/Kundalini and/or high level Spiritual beings.

Orbs with Faces: A type of dust orb when you can make out a face within an orb. Probably caused by the contact point from a Spirit being on the “other side of life.

Ghost Images: Not really orbs but occasionally transparent faces and figures from Spirit beings can appear on camera as well.

There are also several other types of orbs like moving orbs, which can appear as sprites or “comets”, donut orbs, rectangular orbs, etc. but these are a few of the more common types. Whatever the truth is behind the orb phenomena one thing is for certain; the camera’s eye sometimes sees things that we don’t thus providing us with further validation that energy and life exist beyond what we know.

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