Ascending Into Spring

It is the season of awakening, renewal, and resurrection. The hibernating animals are starting to awaken, the plant life is beginning it’s cycle of renewal, and in our human communities it is Easter, a celebration of resurrection as well as “Eoster.” Meaning, “new life.” Eoster is a much older holiday based upon the Spring Equinox which provided some of the foundations on which Easter celebrations were built.

This year is a universal “11” year of ascension (“elev”en = “elev”ate). Easter, the one surviving Christian lunar based holiday (the first Sunday after the full moon directly following the Spring Equinox) is on the 1st day of the month. The “1” day and the “11” year, and perhaps the slow start to spring in much of America and Europe, is really adding some power to this season of rebirth; power we can all harness to jump start our own ascension, or “resurrection “ to the next level.

The Earth itself, especially as expressed through her human communities, is ascending and now more than ever is subject to both very high as well as very low frequencies. As we ascend we seek to connect more with the higher while naturally releasing the lower. Since human consciousness represents the biggest variable in this earth plane at this time, the biggest gift you can give is simply to grow. Ascend and grow. Nature is evolving, expanding and growing with every breath we take anyway as it is what nature does. Humans, however, resist this natural process and instead have stepped out of harmony with their own nature as well as the bounty of nature around them. As we ascend we seek to reconnect with the universal grid around us as expressed by, though not limited to, the nature around us here on planet earth. Through that re-connection we rediscover the pathways to Spirit and higher consciousness that are accessible through the earth environment. As we begin our journey we begin to restore our own balance and from this restoration we begin to feel again. We begin to feel as the animals and nature around us always have. We begin to feel energy, vibrations, thoughts, emotions, Spirit etc. and revitalize what has become a dormant sense, snuffed out as an unfortunate symptom of our culture’s unbalanced striving for intellectual mastery. When we do begin to really feel, as those other beings in nature feel, as the indigenous peoples who once walked this land feel everything changes.


And with that revelation comes your resurrection …. you’re personal Christ experience. Rebirth! With your ascension you provide a boost in the collective consciousness and you help everyone move forward on their paths with greater ease. You are that powerful. You are one with the source of all things. May you be blessed as you ride these powerful tides of April 2018….and ascend.

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