Autumn Meditation

It’s the full moon of October. The Halloween season is here. The nights are growing longer.  The fall colors are spectacular. The veils between the worlds are thin. From now until Halloween and into November you will see, hear, feel or sense the Spirit world more vividly. You may see “shadows”, hear “voices”. You may experience vivid “spirit dreams” or just simply know your Spirit Guides and Loved Ones are around you. Know that all spirits are a part of your own Spirit, which in turn is all one with the Divine One Spirit, or God.

Trees in Autumn

Trees in Autumn

Know that Spirit IS the very essence of Love and Joy and that as long as you are connected within your own divinity that you will always be safe while engaged in spirit-communication and that there is nothing to be afraid of. No spirit is more powerful than your own and while working in the higher realms you have the abilitiy to set the boundaries that are comfortable for you. Try this simple process and share in the joy and bounty that is the beauty of the other side, and know that your Spirit friends are here to share there love with you, advise you and help you grow.   Have a very happy Halloween.

Conversations with the Ancestral World

(inspired by my friend, innovative teacher and Author/Medium Sharon Anne Klingler):

  1. Relax, ground and Center and settle into a trance, or meditative state.
  2. Set your intentions on who in Spirit you’d like to talk to by mentally stating their name(s) and/or seeing their image(s).
  3. Connect with your own Spirit first by bringing your awareness to your heart center in the center of your chest between your throat and solar plexus. See and feel a golden (or white, pink or green) light deep within your heart expand and brighten with each breath. BECOME the golden heart light which is expanding outwards from your physical chest. Now, let your Spirit self (the golden light) step out , or float out of your physical body. See from your Spirit eyes your physical body sitting/lying next to you in meditation.
  4. Call now for your chosen Spirit (by name) and see that person next to you, or around you (noticing where around you, or in the room he/she “stands“). Usually the Spirit-Person you call for comes but in some cases Great Spirit might send you a different Spirit(s) than you requested. Accept. Trust your intuition. Don’t judge. Use your imagination.
  5. Notice the emotional shift you feel as this Spirit comes in, as well as any physical sensations, symbols, colors or other subtle changes that happen right at the very moment the Spirit first comes through. These “Spirit identifiers” will help you recognize this being for future meetings.
  6. Try to remain completely out of your thinking mind. Look over at your physical body meditating periodically to remind yourself that you ARE Spirit. Set your intentions to communicate through spoken language to other spirits. Listen. The trick here is to not block yourself. The voice of Spirit can be very subtle, usually it’s in your own mental voice and it may even seem like you’re making it up. That is good. Let it flow. Make it up. Ask questions or start talking. Allow Spirit to answer back. Try not to pause. Be spontaneous. Be free. Maintain a mental flow of conversation with your Spirit person. Ask questions. Allow the answers to come spontaneously. Don’t think!  Remember, as soon as you start to doubt or question the validity of your impressions you will be in your personal mind of judgment and your connection with Spirit will shut down.  Be open to those messages that come through in the form of symbols, images and memories as well.
  7. Call upon other Spirits if you so choose.
  8. Thank your Spirits, allow yourself (as Spirit) to float around your physical body. As Spirit embrace your physical body with a big heart felt hug. Then feel yourself receeding, back into your physical heart center. Re-integrate with your body. Allow your heart to remain open or closed to a comfortable level now. Ground and center. Come out of your meditation when ready and write down all you can recall.
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