The Autumnal Equinox: Embracing the “Dark Side”

September is one of the two “transition months” of the year (March is the other one) where the shift in daily sunlight is at it’s peak. During this month alone we will lose almost one and a half hours. The seasons and vegetation are changing more rapidly now too, and so is everything else on Mother Earth for that matter; including us.


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As we reap our seasonal harvests, (whether it be in the physical world or in consciousness) we are also adjusting to the decrease in sun light and temperature. We will continue to adjust this month as the energies move closer and closer to “the Dark Side” until one day when we find ourselves in perfect balance on the precipice of Spirit, poised between light and dark.

This is the Autumnal Equinox, when we take our last “breath of light” before our vibration enters it’s 6 month journey through “The Dark Side” or The “VOID”: That which is the cradle of all light, yet which is made up of unimaginable darkness. It is the depth of all consciousness, the “soil” which nourishes the roots of our being and the indefinably dark space unto where universes are born in flashes of unfathomable light. The Void is something we will probably never understand, yet it plays a crucial role in every aspect of life for without “darkness” light could not exist.

When you touch in with the deep mysteries of the Void, which death and dying are part of, the mysteries of life start to become revealed as well, as the two are inseparable. By shining your light into the vast dark unknown you are also bringing to light those things in your life which are hidden, veiled by fear in the dark “void” of your own being. By embracing the Dark Side you embrace everything you are, both above and below the surface, and when your shine that light of embrace into the Void all the mysteries of life, including those of your own true nature, shall be revealed. “Journey to the Dark Side” (based upon a meditation practice outlined in Eckhart Tolle’s book “The Power of Now”)

  • Ground and Center
  • Do a deep relaxation. Focus on your breathing
  • Stay focused on breath throughout this entire process. If your thoughts wonder return to your breath. Take note of what thoughts come up, then gently let them go while returning to the breath. Listen for the sound of your breath. Be aware of subtle things like body sensations and emotional shifts.
  • Now become aware of all the sounds around you while maintaining breath awareness. Allow yourself to hear every sound in detail, starting with the sound of your own breath. Even “distracting noise” should become part of your meditation in a positive way.
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  • Now within the sounds around you find the milliseconds of “no sound”, or the intervals of complete silence in between the pulses of sound. Deep within the rhythmic essence of every noise lies spaces of complete silence (which is an aspect of the Void). Try to find them. Sound travels in waves. Crests and troughs. Our conscious minds are too slow to know this but what we perceive as sound is really an endless oscillation between total noise and complete silence in varying speeds and proportions. Find that space of silence within the sounds – even if you feel you are making it up in your imagination. Stay in this awareness of the silence behind and between the rapid pulses of sound for a few minutes or longer.
  • Don’t try to analyze or intellectualize this process in any way (as the nature of the void is well beyond human intellect). Just experience it. That is all. Experience then let go. Enjoy the peace and surprising power of this.
  • Make sure you’re grounded. Deepen your breath and open your eyes. Do this process often. (especially in preparation for the upcoming dark season, when the greater portion of consciousness will be in the void). It will provide you with clarity and help you in every aspect of your life by re-connecting you with your subconscious aspects of mind as well as the ultimate source of all things. Variation: Do the exact same process but use light instead of sound as your vehicle to enter the void. Become aware of the light (instead of the sounds) which is penetrating your closed eyelids. Now find the pulses of total darkness within the light, or the spaces of darkness which exist in light, the same way you did in step 5 for sound. (light waves travel much faster than sound so you may really have to stretch your imagination for this one).
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