Candle Magic Meditation

Candle MagicCandle burning is an empowering tool which can augment the energy of your prayers and positive thinking by aligning your will with the forces of nature utilizing the “eternal flame“ which represents the power and oneness of Spirit.
Preparation: Think of what it is that you wish to manifest or attract into your life this year. Have a small white candle (or choose an appropriate candle color if you understand color significance) next to you as well as a match/lighter. You can also prepare a little altar, or special area to burn your candle on. Get into a comfortable position. Do a deep relaxation.

  1. Connect deeply with your breath letting go of all thoughts
  2. Ask for the presence of your Spirit, Spirit Guides and/or Angels
  3. See (using all inner senses) yourself enjoying the results of your wish manifesting in the present moment (in your mind’s eye). Allow this vision to generate increasingly positive emotions within you.
  4. Now, with your intentions clear while feeling the joy of your successful manifestation ask your Spirits to give you a simple symbol that best represents your desired outcome. Trust the first symbol you either see or think about, even if it feels like you’re making it up. That is your symbol for this exercise (whether it makes sense to you or not)
  5. Now open your eyes, but stay in a light trance. Hold your candle. See, in your mind’s eye the symbol you received in step 4 (or imagine it if you are not as visual). See/feel the energy of that symbol going through your body and out your hands into the wax of the candle. Clearly “see” your symbol within the body of the wax.
  6. Become fully aware of the physical now. See/imagine the symbol in the wax. You can also carve that symbol in the wax as well if you like, or draw it on a piece of paper, then safely slide the paper under your candle. Say a prayer. Light the candle.
  7. Once the candle is lit the process of kinetic energy created by the fire charges, enhances and releases your intentions to Great Spirit. Say a prayer of gratitude as you connect with the spark of “the eternal flame” burning within your candle. In your special prayer to “Great Spirit” state the intentions you wish to manifest in your life and end your prayer with the words “this or something greater is now manifesting for the highest good of all” (keep all your prayers and visualizations in the present tense)
  8. The best thing you can do next is to completely LET GO. Let the candle burn down – don’t think about your intentions and “let go, let God“. The more you can let go at this stage the stronger the beneficial effects will be. When the candle is done burning you may conclude your candle prayer by offering a quick thank you to Spirit for manifesting your desires, but stay within the spirit of “Let go. let God”.
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