Catskill Mountain Healing Day: What We’ve Learned

It’s been several weeks since Irene came and went like an unruly house guest, and it’s been a few days after the very successful Catskill Mountain Healing Day

Healing Hands

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(an event Heather Toboika and myself put together to collect donations and bring healing and hope to the storm survivors). So now that we have another threat of heavy rain scheduled for the Equinox I am reflecting upon what exactly has this chain of events taught us. Hopefully we’ve all learned something and each of us who experienced the dramatic flooding is a little wiser, but speaking for myself this is what I’ve learned so far.


We have an amazing community here in the Catskills and Mid-Hudson Valley. In as little as 10 days we pulled together almost 30 volunteers to help out at Catskill Mountain Healing Day, many of whom were psychics, mediums and energy healers. The response for volunteers elsewhere in the mountains to do things like help clear mud, rebuild houses, donate food, work at shelters etc. has been absolutely outstanding.


Earth Changes are for real – well actually I already knew this but this event has certainly brought it home. Natural “disasters” are on the rise and this will continue for the next several years. Be prepared. Have your basic survival needs in case you are ever cut off. Water, non-perishable, foods, batteries etc. – especially water. It may save your life one day. For those who think it can’t happen to you, it can, and for most of us within the next few years it will. This is the reality of our changing planet and those who are prepared will survive. Be aware but don’t be afraid. Preparation is the big “fear buster”.


Information can be a life saver. Spirit was able to channel me specific information on the timing, strength and impacts from Hurricane Irene which proved more accurate than the official forecasts. I then broadcasted my forecasts to all I could and it saved many people from undo hardship, and maybe even saved lives. But not everybody is in my network so most people up here were caught off guard. If Spirit can provide me with accurate storm information She can do the same for you. I see this as a call for everyone to open to their intuition and to talk to Spirit more. This is what our ancestors did to avert annihilation in the face of natural disasters, and in most cases it worked.


When faced with losing everything we discover what it is that’s truly important. Though it’s hard, houses and possessions can be replaced. People can not. Value and connect with those who are important in your life. Love them and tell them how much you care. Community is our strength. TOGETHER WE CAN OVERCOME ANYTHING.

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