Conscious Walking

Walking Meditation #1: For Purification

Simply take a walk. Clear your mind and become aware of your breathing. Allow yourself to become open and aware of everything around you and within you in the present moment as you are walking. Once you attain a state of awareness and tranquility, visualize that with each step, right as each foot hits the ground, that you send any unwanted energy, emotions, disease and stress into the earth. Feel this happening as well as visualizing murky, or off color energy leaving your body through your foot on each step and being absorbed by the earth below. Do this for a while remaining as present and aware as possible and notice your energy becoming progressively lighter and brighter.

Walking Meditation #2: For Attraction/Manifestation

Clear your mind and become present in walking as in meditation #1. With your mind fully clear and aware, think about what you would like to attract or create in your life now.  See/imagine an image or scene of that in front of you and imagine that you are walking towards and into that image. Get a concept of what it would feel like to you if you have already attained your goal and then with each step, imagine as your foot hits the ground that you are pulling and absorbing those feelings into your body from the ground up as you continue walking towards and into the image of your dreams fulfilled.

Walking Meditation #3: Advanced

Follow the same steps as in meditation #2 only each time your left foot hits the ground, send unwanted energy into the earth (that may have impeded your progress in the past) as you did in meditation #1 and then each time your right foot hits the ground absorb the positive energies of manifestation just like you did in meditation #2. Continue this alternating pattern as you continue walking toward and into the image of your dreams allowing your  primary focus to be on the positive feelings you are absorbing which are connected with realizing your goals.

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