Eclipse Afterglow

It started the morning prior as a “high pitched hum” vibrating through my body which gradually kept building throughout the day. I slept very little that night and when I woke up I felt charged and alive, knowing that a powerful celestial event, a once in 26,000 years occurrence was on the menu for the evening.

Solar Eclipse May 20, 2012

A beautiful moment in the eclipse. Photo courtesy of

You may know already but the “ring of fire” solar eclipse on 5/20/2012 formed an unusual exact alignment with the Pleiadian star system and the galactic center. For me this alignment felt like a “lens” or magnifying glass focusing a beam of super high frequency energy onto the planet causing everything, including me to vibrating on a new and higher frequency. On the morning of the eclipse I participated in a wonderful Kundalini Yoga workshop with Jamie Reilly on sound healing and became even more attuned to the powerful, yet surprisingly gentle energy that was being focused upon the planet from this rare celestial event.

The best metaphor I can use to explain the way I perceived it is to compare it to Ultra Violet light. You don’t fully feel the high frequency UV light during an exposure but you know that you will notice its effects later on. I did more Yoga and meditation later in the day and felt this intense yet gentle energy continue to build but once the eclipse started the buzzing relaxed and everything became calm and still. It felt like I had entered into a separate reality and that everything was somehow different, vibrating on a different frequency than what I’ve become accustomed to on planet Earth. As I meditated I felt a strong oneness with everything around me and I could feel the wind, and the trees breathing as if they were extensions of my own body. I slept very little again at night and woke up feeling charged, and drained at the same time.

Corona Eclipse

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The high pitched hum continued the next day as strong as ever. I noticed I was sweating a lot, especially when I did my morning Yoga and that my body had gone into detox mode, as if I were fasting. But I was not fasting,  nor doing anything with diet, herbs or exercise to cause a detoxification. It was just happening as a physiological response to the laser-beam of cosmic energy that had been focused upon planet earth. I also felt an emotional detox of sorts happening as my feelings went off the charts in many different directions- like all my senses were becoming heightened and my intuition strengthened as part of the effects of the eclipse energy. I looked around and felt like the whole planet and everything on it had been cleansed and refined; “an upgrade” if you will which will likely change the landscape of our culture in the months and years to come.

Is this another step in our Planet’s evolution? Another leap in human consciousness? What will happen next? Just as the warm afterglow begins several hours after a day in the sun it will be month’s if not years until the effects of this powerful events are fully understood, but as a global community we have experienced something very special together. It is now 2 days after the eclipse and my head is still buzzing, and the high pitched energy is still coursing through my physical and ethereal bodies. Tonight I am going to sit in on Master Channeler Suzy Meszoly’s high frequency channeling session and continue the process of upgrading my auric fields while listening to the wisdom of the Pleiadian “Master Teachers”.

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