Eco-Astrological July 2013

Enjoy the Mercury Retrograde that will be with us until July 20th. Contrary to popular opinion the retrograde is a marvelous time, if you let go of pushing forward and instead revisit and renew. “Re” is the key as in remember, rewrite, revive, reinvent…you get the picture. Nature doesn’t create waste. It is our furious insistence on fast that makes retrogrades so challenging. If we can take the invitation to go with the undertow flow, we’ll all be in better shape to surf the wave when Mercury again goes direct on the 20th.

Another fabulous opportunity arrives on July 29th, when six planets create the pattern of a sextile. The combo is Pluto in Capricorn, Neptune in Pisces, Moon in Taurus, Jupiter and Mars in Cancer and Venus in Virgo. The climate is right for the receptive energies and for us to slow down, focus within, intend peace and feel it! This is a great time to be, contemplate and take action in a steady, unhurried pace. The slogan could be “Yin is in!” You are missing out if you don’t take up the invitation.

Eco Astrology

Another July highlight is a variation that only happens every twelve years! Jupiter, who stays in each sign about one year at a time and has a twelve year cycle, just entered the sign of Cancer and will be here until July 17th, 2014.

Buckminister Fuller, the great inventor of the geodesic dome and dymaxion car, was a humanist, visionary, systems theorist born with Jupiter in Cancer conjunct his Sun. A Renaissance man, best known for the architecture of the dome, he carried the Cancerian archetype of home and family. When his young daughter died of a disease, Bucky felt that the drafty house they lived in at the time was a factor that contributed to her illness. His resolve to create affordable and efficient housing was motivated by this tragic event.

The Jupiter conjunct — translate in unison with— the Sun, unites the principle of expansion with the vital energies of feeling, nurturing and bonding. Bucky was an ambassador of peace, touring the world to bring his message that we can live together as a human family, in harmony. He was dedicated to designing environments and products that would improve the quality of life, not just for an elite few, but for the entirety of humanity.

We all have the opportunity to expand our capacity to care, nourish, and feel a part of, rather than apart from, our personal family, our local community and our mutual home, planet Earth, at this time. One of my earlier songs expresses the Jupiter in Cancer theme quite well —

Join the awakening cast and crew
Let the many grow out of the few
In this Earthball game we’re in the ninth inning
Right now too few on Earth are winning
Let’s change the rules before the third out
Clear up our fear and doubt,
No more bullies on the block
Or tyranny of the clock
Make sure no one’s left on the bases
Create a safe home for all of Earth’s faces!
There is enough for all to flourish
When we change the game from conquer to nourish
Each one has within us a key
To open the door to a new way to be
Let’s cooperate, create a safe home
For all Earth inhabitants to call their own
It’s time to celebrate the gift of Life
Learn to be peaceful and let go of strife (© Esther Frances, January 7, 2001)

Wishing you all peaceful feelings this month. Remember, when we choose to be peaceful, we create the fertile ground for the feeling of peace to thrive. If we think peace somehow arrives, and then we will be peaceful, we have a topsy-turvy notion of how it works.

Each one of us is the ambassador to peace as we declare and commit to taming and training our subconscious mind to know “I AM peace.” We plant the seeds of peace with our intentions, water them with affirmative repetitions, and watch the seeds grow a “plant-it of peace.” Happy gardening!

© Esther Frances, June 25, 2013

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