Estrology: Sagittarius

As I write, we are nearing the full moon in Taurus, coming this Sunday, November 17th. I would like to urge us to all to speak out and insist that the Fukushima crisis be treated as the planetary crisis that it is. We need the handling of the removal of the fuel rods to be under the direction of the most capable persons on our planet, not in the hands of the private company, Tepco or the nation of Japan. In the aftermath of the typhoon Haiyon, and with the nuclear peril facing us, we cannot afford to pretend that these problems will just resolve themselves.

I’d love to see this Taurus full Moon Sunday as a day dedicated to planetary prayer for the healing of Mother Earth and the awakening of humans to the realization that we are interdependent with this Earth and all beings. Let’s take some time, from this Sunday on, each day, to direct our love of Life to prayers for the healing of the planet and her children. Let’s pray for guidance for those involved in the Fukushima cleanup, for the oceans, for the air, and for all creatures. Please spread the word. Please invite your friends to join an ongoing “prayerathon” for the healing of this precious and beautiful Earth home that we share. We have nothing to lose. Please let’s send our love like a laser beam, and open to the possibility consciousness that allows for miracles to happen.

On a more philosophical note, Jupiter’s specialty, let’s take a look at what’s unique to this upcoming time. This year, Jupiter, the planet associated with Sag, is in Retrograde for the Holiday season. Retrograde implies that the emphasis is not so much on moving forward as it is an opportunity to go within, contemplate and re-evaluate, re-view and re-wind, before continuing to expand and grow.

I just got the idea to ask Jupiter, “What wisdom would you like to convey to us at this time” and will now transcribe the response I receive for you.

Jupiter: You have been conditioned to think more is greater. I’d like to have you consider that the word “more” is also the phonetic root of the word moron. The

“lesson” is that too much of anything can make us all “more-ons!”
Which introduces the idea of gifts, presents and shopping. What is with an economy based on consumption???? Especially, when excess intake threatens the eco-systems that actually sustain us?

William Blake, a famous Sagittarius, poet and artist of the Romantic Era said, “The road of excess leads to the palace of wisdom.” Are you learning that quantity doesn’t equal quality? Are you realizing that enough can be enough? When have you found less to be more?

JupiterYou could say that I, Jupiter, am like the out breath, whereas Saturn, my complement, is like the in breath. Humans have been enthralled with me, equating the outer realm with success and happiness while failing to appreciate the value of the internal world, or the need for limitations or containment.
Yet, could we have any sports without boundaries, time limits, out of bounds and in bounds??? When we elevate the importance of any polarity and diminish the other we set ourselves up for imbalance. Now don’t get me wrong…balance is not some static situation where “even steven” mentality prevails. A healthy balance is inclusive of movement, is dynamic, but has parameters that keep the system in a sustainable motion. Otherwise we tend to go round and round in circles rather than spirals, limping with either the left or right foot in dominance rather than in partnership.

But I digress…I’m thinking it is time to move on to a bit of writing that Esther recently wrote that is pertinent to this topic. This was most enjoyable and I look forward to being called on again in this way. Esther, I’m acting as spokesperson for the planetary team that you work with regularly, requesting that you continue to communicate with us in this mode, asking us directly what we’d like to say. This is our invitation to you, that you expand your relationship with us by your willingness to continue to follow your intuition as you did today and begin a new chapter in your Estrology explorations.

Thank you all for listening and please proceed to share your insights on commerce as it could be. Happy Holidays and please remember when you are partaking of your Thanksgiving feast, gratitude is one of the greatest attitudes and occasional over-indulgence, as in festivals, is quite healthy, and right up my Jupiterian alley, so please enjoy!

Wow! That was fun and a surprise. And I will explore this modality more as Jupiter suggested.

Now, however, I would like to share with you some insights that came through me as I was journaling on October the 19th regarding our economic system and policies.

Here it is:

We need com-mercy, that is commerce with mercy.

Commerce without mercy is like a brain without consciousness.

When disconnected from the heart, the brain becomes like a machine serving its own ends. 
The missing “y,” (at the end of commerce, making it com-mercey) is the key to restoring commerce to a beneficent rather than a mercenary activity. We are led to ask the deep questions. “Y” is a question that begs for a response. Does commerce as it presently exists reflect, serve and benefit us as we really are and desire to be? 
Commercy allows exchange to occur with kindness, flexibility, and compassion. The kid who steals a loaf of bread because he has no food is not treated the same as a crook that swindles billions. We also need to look at what motivates greed. Doesn’t it occur because of a disconnect from the whole? The greedy finger doesn’t realize it is a part of the hand and can even see the other fingers as foes to compete with. The false sense of separation is a disease that harms all in the equation.

Therefore, mercy is also required toward the larger “trespassers” who don’t know who and what they are and therefore act in ways that create harm to the whole. That doesn’t mean they don’t need to be restrained or retrained, but that we can see them in a larger, expanded (Jupiter keynote) framework, that is conducive to compassion.

COM = with…COM-Passion / COM-Unity / COM /mercy / COM / UNI-cation…

Justice requires the ability to listen with the wisdom of the heart as well as the knowledge of the brain. The objective would not be to punish but to heal, restore, protect and create the CON-ditions that will benefit everyONE CONcerned knowing we are all CONnected.

Compassion would be the core of the awakened and aware system of justice, and commerce defined as the distribution of goods, services and products. In this upcoming season of celebration let us have the courage to in-vision another way of exchange that will respect the whole…Mother Earth and all her many children…and rediscover the joy in our hearts that is the real gift that only presence can give.

May your inner Jupiter gift you with joviality, generosity and “great enough-ness” as we move into the Thanksgiving holiday and winter holidays.

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