Finding My Way

After a bad head on collision as a parting gift from 2012, I decided it was time for a period of “hibernation”. I took this accident as Spirit’s message to “slow down”. Thanks to my Angels and my Subaru I, as well as the other driver, were virtually unscratched. Given the damage to both vehicles, it could have been much worse, and in fact fatal.

New year, new age, new life.

Finding my way.

January has been a slow time where I’ve pulled back from some of my activities (including blogging) , only doing the work that was necessary to sustain my practice and pay the bills. Acquainting myself to the new energies, I found importance in moving onward into this brave new world.  Now with the brighter days of February I am feeling strong and confident in going forward.

Major shifts in our lives, like car accidents, illness etc. are Spirit’s way of giving us a new perspective on this precious gift called life and as a result we become re-aligned. In my re-alignment, I’m realizing that I have a gift to share and extraneous movements need to be phased out. The wonderful perspective I’ve been gifted with will help many and now is the time to expand my teaching as well as my Power Attunements training (spiritual coaching).  Even my Psychic and Mediumship work will be evolving into a new, more instructional and spiritual process.  It is a new age and those of us who are blessed to be alive during these important times, have a mission. Every experience you’ve ever had in this life has served as “training” for your divine mission which starts right now.  I’ve realized during my “down time” that those choices and experiences, that seemed to have not serve my higher purpose,  have gifted me with the experiences to fulfill my life’s mission.  This is potentially the case with you as well.  Feeling more empowered than ever it’s time to step forward into new world with optimism and hope, knowing that suffering has not been in vane and that like yourself, I too can make a huge difference in forging a new reality “Closer to the Heart”.

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