Finding The Light Within

  1. Achieve a state of deep relaxation. Remain alert and focused upon your breath, and the present moment.
  2. Start to perceive a light deep within your heart center (center of chest) that starts out as brilliant white or gold light, smaller than a pin hole and seems to emanate from an inner universe that resides deep within the center of your being.
  3. With each inhale visualize and feel the light grow brighter, with each exhale see/feel the light grow larger. With each breath feel this light becoming more present within the physical world.
  4. After doing step #3 for about 3 minutes your physical body will be surrounded by a large luminous egg of super bright white or gold “heart energy”. Know this egg-like “body” to be your Spirit; your True self, and the part of you that is directly connected with Great Spirit. Be present as your Spirit, surrounding a physical body. Your body. Be mindful of how this Presence makes you feel emotionally. Note any changes and sensations in and around your physical body as well. Allow yourself to see other colors, shapes, patterns and symbols as they appear in your mind’s eye or within the “Spirit space” in and around your body. Also attune yourself to a sound, or musical note(s) that your Spirit is vibrating.
  5. Now, as Spirit “step” or “float” out of your physical body. Float, or walk around your physical body looking at it from every angle, taking in everything feeling the Joy of Spirit. Experiencing the joy of the physical vehicle you “gaze” upon that carries you through this lifetime. Be open to receiving any messages/answers to questions from your immortal Spirit or helpful Guides. Remain in this state as long as desired.
  6. Allow your Spirit light to surround and envelop your physical body, and then allow it to recede back into your physical heart space leaving your heart open or closed to a comfortable natural level.
  7.  Reconnect with your physical body by allowing grounding energy to come down through the top of your head and exit through your feet into the earth’s center feeling clearly a connection with the ground and earth, Wiggle toes and fingers, then open eyes.
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