First Light Meditation

  1. Get comfortable. Do a deep relaxation.
  2. Imagine now that you are a sleeping bear, hibernating in a dark cave. Take a moment to contemplate where you are in your life and “digest” the lessons from the past year.
  3. Start to think about your greatest goals or desires you wish to manifest this year while staying in a deep meditative state. Visualize a scene which symbolizes those dreams manifesting in the present moment. See, or imagine this clearly in the present moment. Engage all your inner senses including sight, smell sound etc. as if you are living the outcome of your desires right now. Imagine this long enough until you start to feel a sense of elation and excitement about your manifesting dreams
  4. Now, as a sleeping bear start waking up. Slowly start moving around. Start sensing a faint light shining through your dark cave and walk slowly toward it. Notice as you walk it gets lighter and lighter. Notice that you can start making out the walls and floor of your cave. Keep walking toward the light until you find the opening bathed in a beautiful blinding white or gold light.
  5. Now step out of your cave through the bright opening and enter into the outer world. Notice that you have just stepped into your dreams; the same scene that you created in step 3 of this process. Start imagining again that you are living your dream engaging all your inner senses, but this time it seems more real. See and know this in the present moment. Allow yourself to become filled with limitless joy as you have now walked out of your cave and into the reality of your manifested dreams. Stay with this scene a few moments letting the positive emotions to grow and swell. When your upliftment shows the first signs of waning move to step 6.
  6. Start slowly deepening your breath. Ground and center then open your eyes.
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