From the Mouths of Children

Well, I talk about children a lot, and why not? Not only are they a lot of fun, they are really smart and advanced these days. It’s pretty much a daily occurrence now when someone tells me how they’re young child, or a kid they know, talks about seeing spirits or angels but it’s not every day that I get to do a reading for one. In fact, last weekend was my youngest. My first 8 year old, to be precise.
This was at a psychic dinner. The father was close by, doing a reading with one of the other psychics and it was just me and the boy. So the young man sat down and we began our session.
After picking up his love of sports and a few issues in grasping 3rd grade math we got to grandpa in Spirit. Grandpa was so proud of his boy.  He shared things about their relationship, how he showed him some baking secrets and how he let his grandson help with some home repairs. He also told his grandson that he was aware that he had seen him after he died (in Spirit).  The young wide eyed boy said, yes – right after he died he came to my room. After the short session was over I knew it was time to leave “Sugar Mountain” and resume my readings with the grown-ups but I was thrilled to have been able to bring through such sweet messages. How wonderful to have parents that support their children in not only believing in Spirits but in embracing the concept of death. How much better off we would be if our culture embraced, rather than feared death. Everyone would benefit dearly (except maybe the psychiatrists) as when you lose the fear of dying you lose the fear of living. To not grow up with that fear is huge.
Later that night, the mom came up to me with his boy and thanked me for bringing grandpa through. Then she said “did grandpa say anything else?  Like “I love you”?  And to that I squirmed, cleared my throat and said, “Oh my God, did I forget to pass that along! Yes, he loves you dearly, and knows how much you miss him! He loves you more than anything he knows”. Grownups!  Sometimes we forget what really is truly important.  Thank goodness there are kids out there to remind us of these things….
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