Ghost of Solstice Past: Reflections and Eclipses

Belt of Orion

Belt of Orion

Dec. 22, 2011: As I was driving home from Yoga class and the solstice sun, which was hugging the southern horizon, peaked out from between the clouds with renewed life and brilliance. Upon the magnificent solar glimpse I started thinking to myself about the winter solstice and how, since I can remember, the sun always appears somehow brighter to me on that day, as if to say “You’ve made it through the darkest times. Now I’ve been reborn and the world will start getting brighter from here on in”.

Then I started reflecting upon some of my past winter solstices and the profound experiences in my life which have overlapped the years’ darkest days and last year’s Solstice Eclipse came right to my mind .  During the longest night of 2010 I hiked around my mountain neighborhood in frigid temperatures watching the fading moon slowly disappearing behind the Earth’s shadow. The shrinking full moon started glowing an ethereal greenish color which cast a pale violet light upon the earthscape around me. I then felt the energy and suddenly realized that something truly extraordinary was happening and that the world would never be the same. The energy was of a stronger and higher frequency then anything I’d ever experienced before and it felt like the earth, and all her children, including us were refining and fine tuning within the moon’s reflective ethereal glow.  I went into a deep 90 minute meditation during the peak of the total eclipse capping off one of the most powerful and transformative nights of my entire life.

Then there was the solstice of over 20 years ago when I was invited to a traditional Native American ritual near Norman Oklahoma.  The temperature was -8; absolutely brutal by Oklahoma standards and we stood there shivering by the ineffective fire to greet the rising sun with prayer and reverence. I experienced a strong “deja vu” at the moment that the sun broke the trees and coupled with the realization that I could no longer feel my ears (nor my fingers or toes for that matter) a sense of intense familiarity overwhelmed me re-affirming the belief that I had a native American past life.

A couple years ago I hosted an event with another psychic where we did a renewal ritual followed by Tarot readings and that was very powerful as well.  Many of the participants reported pronounced shifts that night.

And then there was last night; “Winter Solstice Woodstock Style”. I prepared my eclectic ritual for release, renewal and abundance by combining some traditional cultural practices with a couple of new and powerful visualization processes which came to me during  meditation.  We finished the ritual by allowing each participant to ask a question and through mediumship I offered answers from the Angels and Spirits that were sharing our circle with us. It became a very uplifting and powerful experience for my group and myself and I believe it will serve as a catalyze for big positive changes in the year ahead.

On my way home a lightning bolt suddenly blazed across the winter sky. I felt it was Spirit’s way of affirming the power of our ritual on the year’s longest night, and within that blast of atmospheric release I got this message: “fasten your seatbelts and expect dramatic changes, 2012 shall be a rollercoaster of a ride as the rapid acceleration of human evolution kicks up yet another notch. Things will happen quicky and not all of it will be easy but trust that you are being guided toward a golden age of expanded consciousness. Spirit is paving the way.  Just adapt and let go when necessary, listen to your inner voice and follow.”

Have a safe and wonderful holidays and a very happy New Year.

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