Good Luck Blessing Meditation

This meditation is designed to bring good fortune and tidings into your aura.  From your aura we will send it out into our physical world and absorb it into our mental, emotional and physical health fields.


  1. Imagine yourself seated outside in a peaceful spot in nature. Close your eyes and tune into your heart. Take a deep breath in and imagine rainbow light filling your heart space. If you can’t see it, just make it up and set the intention (it has the same effect). As you breath out imagine this rainbow light inside your chest getting larger and brighter. Continue to do this until your entire chest and back and heart are filled with rainbow light.
  2. Now I want you to imagine an area of your life that you need to bring in good tidings and blessings. If there are more than one, repeat this meditation for each item, only working with one issue at a time.
  3. Once you have your situation in mind that you are bringing good luck to, take a moment to energetically send the situation love and compassion. Send it some of the rainbow light from your heart.
  4. Once again bring your attention back to your breath, and the glowing rainbow light in your chest. Now imagine thousands of golden rain droplets are coming down from the heavens above. They fall onto your head and all around your meditating body. They glitter and shine a brilliant gold. Some of them enter through your crown chakra and shimmer down through your centerline illuminating your third eye, your throat, your heart, your solar plexus, your sacrum and your root, flowing out of you and down into Mother Earth.
  5. Focus on the flow from your crown down to your root and into the earth. Breathe in and out sending nourishment and love down into our PachaMama.
  6. After receiving these golden droplets from the heavens, the earth starts to sprout bright green four leaf clovers all around you. Pretty soon you are sitting amongst a thick bed of four leaf clovers and their illuminated green aura glows happy and healthy around your meditating body. Tune into their energy and feel their magic and great symbolism.
  7. Starting from your root chakra and moving up to the crown, see (or imagine) a single four leaf clover in the center of each chakra. Your root chakra glows with a four leaf clover at the center, and then moving up to your sacral chakra, see it glowing and healthy and place a four leaf clover in the center. Do this with each chakra until you finish with your crown chakra at the top of your head. If you feel any of your chakras need an extra boost of light, see them glowing white, and allow the golden rain drops from up above to give healing to that chakra.
  8. Once all 7 of your chakras have lucky shamrocks activated in their centers, return your attention to your heart space and start shining the rainbow light out, up, all around you until your entire aura is encompassed in a beautiful rainbow orb. Use your breath in and out to grow the rainbow brighter and larger until you are inside of it. See the golden raindrops flowing down from heaven. See the four leaf clovers covering the ground all around you as well as in each of your chakras.
  9. Now allow your body to receive luck, fortune, blessings and healing internally. Allow all of your external environment and the situations that are created by this environment to receive luck, fortune, blessings and healing. Know that these tidings have been sent from the heavens above and from Mother Earth and from your own Spirit and heart center. You are complete. Repeat as often as needed.
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