Gratitude Meditation

Expressing genuine gratitude to the universe creates an attractive energy around you which opens up a space to receive. Practice this process daily if you like, and have a wonderful and blessed Thanksgiving.

Give gratitude.

  1. Get deeply relaxed and in a meditative state
  2. Start to feel the presence of your Guides, Angels, Spirit Loved-Ones and the Divine Source around you.
  3. Feel your heart open. You can visualize gold or white light growing larger and stronger from your spiritual heart in the center of your chest. Feel this light surrounding you. Feel every atom in your body, as well as the space around your body vibrate with the energy of love
  4. Express a heartfelt gratitude for your life, and give thanks for everything you have and everything that you are. You may even thank spirit for your most difficult trials for they are here to help you grow and teach you to become all that you can be.  Feel the essence of gratitude and love growing within you and around you as you express your thanks.
  5. When you are done take a deep breath or 2. Ground yourself and open your eyes.
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