Happy Spring Equinox!

March Winds

March Winds via patibannisterart.com

Coming out of the darkness. Standing Between the Worlds. Poised between light and dark, in the universe itself we seek the balance.  Then, as that all elusive balance is reached… but only for a moment, a mystery is revealed that all opposites are really one in the same. Then just as quickly the pendulum swings and we step into the light.

And we understand, like universe herself, we shall always seek balance, yet we shall never find it.

In honor of the Equinox; season of eternal balance:

Meditation is the very root and foundation of all spiritual practice. Let us remember this within. There is nothing complicated about it.

Simplicity is key. It is easy, relaxing and fun, and anyone can learn how to do it. The simpler you make your practice the more powerful it tends to be.

The meditative state is simply a state of “inner transfixion”. Internal dialogue ceases and the mind, body and Spirit are completely relaxed, aligned and aware. Every night we pass through this state en route to sleep, and we phase in and out of it several times during a typical day without ever knowing it. The meditative state is pure, simple and alive. It pierces through all illusions and takes you to the timeless “now”; to Spirit time, where all things are possible and all of time and space exist as one~


“March Winds”   A cleansing/purification exercise:

1. Do a deep relaxation; stay aware of your breath as you move deeper into a meditative state.

2. Visualize yourself on a mountain, at the beach or in a painted desert on a windy March day. You are toasty warm.

3. Connect with your aura/energy fields within and around your body. Mentally scan for blockages, “dark spots”, stagnation, either visually or intuitively. Set your intentions and see or sense all blocked or stagnant energies are being “blown away”.

4. Feel the gusts of wind blowing through you, all around you, blowing away the blockages and unwanted energy. See and feel your aura getting lighter and bouncier. Your aura is glowing.

5. Visualize with all of the senses your vibrant and clean aura and your vital physical body. You are beautiful.

6. Re-ground your energy by visualizing the lower part of your aura. It is rooted deeply in the earth. Send your roots down into the March earth. With this, send the earth healing energy.

7. Now start to re-connect with your physical body.

8. Open your eyes and notice how invigorated and rejuvenated you are.

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