Heart Bloom Meditation

  1. Get comfortable.  Ground, Center and do a deep relaxation
  2. Relax even more deeply, staying focused upon your breath.  Imagine that the bright June sun is starting to “rise” in your heart.  Think about what your heart’s desire is right now.  What blessings would you like to manifest into your life.
  3. Imagine now the sun is getting brighter and stronger in your heart center illuminating the entire inside of your body from within.  Look for any suppressed issues that have robbed you of your ability to manifest your dreams to become illuminated in the June “heart-sun”.  See those issues being revealed and then burned up by the bright light energy.
  4. Now visualize a scene in your mind, or imagine it.  This scene should represent yourself enjoying the results of your dream as if it has already manifested in the present moment.  Allow yourself to feel strongly the appropriate positive feelings from your dreams becoming a reality.
  5. Once you have visualized your intended outcome and have captured the positive emotions of it allow yourself, without thinking about it to choose a flower that represents the content of your manifested dream. Whichever flower comes immediately to mind, even if you simply make it up will be the correct choice.
  6. Within your heart visualize the bright June sun beginning to transform into the flower you’ve chosen.  Feel those positive emotions from step 3 emanate and grow stronger from that flower within your heart.  Visualize the flower growing larger until it grows to the size of your aura (approximately 2-6 feet around your body).  Allow the positive feelings to grow right along with the flower.
  7. Next visualize the same kind of flowers growing all around you by the hundreds until you find yourself in a huge field of flowers starting from the one that has grown inside your heart.  Feel the emotions of your manifested dream oozing our of every flower within you and around you.  Stay in this visualization and state of bliss for a few moments.
  8. When you are ready start deepening your breath, express a few words of gratitude for all your blessings and then open your eyes.
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