Heart Light, Heart Bright (A Meditation Process)

Bright Heart
  1. Get completely relaxed and comfortable. Do a deep relaxation process. Clear the mind. Allow your attention to be drawn to the breath and the present moment.
  2. Start to visualize and feel a small but powerful emerald green light shining from deep within the center of your chest (Heart Chakra)
  3. Start to visualize and feel this light grow larger and brighter. Observe any subtle shifts in your feelings and emotions as the green energy from your heart expands and grows.
  4. Allow this light to continue growing until it is all around you, illuminating your entire body and the space around your body in pure bright iridescent green (again notice what you are feeling).
  5. Allow this bright green light to express itself as pure compassion, the highest vibration of love and see and feel this energy surround you and flow within you. Make a wish and see/feel the outcome of your wish coming true in the present moment within the vibration of the bountiful and healing color green.
  6. Send this light to those around you who may need some extra love or healing (always ask their higher self for permission first). See and feel the ray of divine compassion surrounding them
  7. Allow this light to grow larger now, surrounding the entire planet in a bubble of divine, compassionate green. See some of this light absorb into the earth so that the planet shines in a beautiful green glow both inside and out. Visualize the earth and all her inhabitants happy within the bubble of pure love and abundance.
  8. Feel that it is the light of your heart which surrounds the world in a vibrant abundant green mist. Say any prayers or offer any visualizations to aid in the healing of our planet.
  9. When you are done, feel the green light recede back into your heart space and allow your heart to remain open or closed to a comfortable level.
  10. Thank the Spirits, or Angels that assist you. Take another moment to feel connected with the earth and open your eyes.
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