How Power Attunements Got Me to Hawaii

One cold snowy day in 2009 I took a Power Attunements workshop in Woodstock, NY with Adam Bernstein. Little did I know how much my life would change. I had reached a new level of “low” and had recently lost a loved one as well as my living situation. I liked the class a lot and what Adam had to say so, shortly thereafter I decided to try Power Attunements coaching sessions. What did I have to lose? Well come to find out a LOT. A lot of conditioning- mental, emotional and environmental that was holding me back from achieving the life I wanted. I would go faithfully every month to see him at his office and not so faithfully follow his advice but when I did, I would notice huge changes. Fast forward to 2011. I was unhappy in a dead end job. I felt trapped and longed for personal freedom as well as freedom from the watchful eyes of “the clock”.  Through the 4th Treasure of Power Attunements Adam and I manifested a financial situation where I could come to work for Between The Worlds full time. It was a dream come true and I continue to practice prayers of gratitude every day for this job. Up until that point I thought I had embraced the program, following the different teachings and meditations. I truly believed in it and talked about it with my friends. Once I was on board with Adam I started to attend all of his Power Attunements groups and workshops. I no longer thought I was “following the program”. How could I not have done my 40 days of Spirit I Am and Mirror, Mirror? Well, like so many others I tried and made it to 23, 15, 8 days before I “fell off the wagon”. Perhaps I was not ready. I was the resistance that was holding back the change. Now I would finish my 40 days and see what happened. I texted “day 1, day 2, day 3” back and forth with a friend to remind myself to do my meditations. It did not take much time even on busy, frantic days. Once I even started over again just because I felt like I should and before I knew it I was in group proudly exclaiming I had finished my 40 day cycle, which Adam explains, “Based upon both western scientific principles and Yogic science 40 days is how long it takes for your cells, as well as your energy fields to recreate themselves and adopt the new conditioning, as this exercise is actually designed to shift you on a very deep level.”

I did have many profound shifts and experiences that I would get coaching on and discuss in Power Attunements groups. There were so many things that affected me on different levels that I had never thought of. I had different goals to work with- finding a partner, my health, and finally achieving my ultimate dream… Moving to Hawaii! I remember the day I set a date for the big move and committed to using my Power Attunements to manifest funds to do it by said date. I truly believed it would happen. I proudly announced my plans to family and loved ones. Ouch!  RESISTANCE!! I felt my excitement deflated like a sad balloon and was confused why people that cared about me would not want to see me achieve my ultimate dream. The Golden Flame became my best friend and got me through a year of difficult emotions. The feelings that came up in me were confusing and had the potential to block success in my endeavor but I was too smart for this now. I knew if I put one foot in front of the other and worked with all my Foundations and Treasures somehow, some way it would all manifest. For months every negative financial thing that could happen did. It became almost comical except that I wasn’t laughing. Relationships were on the brink of destruction and I was tired all the time. On the flip side my spiritual arena was growing. My skills as a healer and psychic were heightened. Adam’s business was thriving and expanding. I met some of the most amazing people and new energy was brought in. My dreams were vivid and multidimensional and sleep became elusive but my vibrations electrified.

Five months before my proposed departure date I had zero of the dollars needed to move. I looked at my partner and said “We ARE going to do this!” I never looked back. I used my Power Attunements and three fold affirmations with vigor and believed with every cell of my body that money would be there. My relationships with family healed. My friendships strengthened. My health increased and I chose a new diet. In 5 months I did everything I set out to do. In the end I left New York with the exact dollar amount I had stated that I needed to move to Hawaii (hmmmm maybe I should have asked for more!). A group of family and friends flew out to watch my husband and I get married, people that vowed they would never set foot on my new home’s soil. Adam allowed me the gift of working for Between The Worlds from halfway around the world. I could not be more thankful for all of these things and I will never forget the words Adam said to me. “YOU did this.” “I did this?” “Wow.” And on that note my fellow soul sisters and brothers- “SO can you.”

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