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The Platte Clove Preservel in the Catskill Mountains

The Platte Clove Preservel in the Catskill Mountains

Following my toughest work week of the year it’s nice to be home, settled and “enjoying” some October snow. Last week’s whirlwind tour took me to Long Island, New York City, Albany and back to Long Island, all within a 6 day time span.

Tuesday: Spirit Message Circle on the Island. After a 3 hour drive I met my partner Susan for our event in Merrick for what was to be her very first public message event as a professional medium. Susan, a talented medium and well known psychic on Long Island was trepidations at first but she handled herself like an old pro delivering on target and poignant messages for our group of 14. We made for an excellent team and collectively we did a great job validating that life survives the death of the physical body. As a medium and teacher I feel that we always have to keep growing and to serve as a facilitator of a defining growth moment for a good friend and colleague was especially rewarding for me. It was a great night of mediumship as well as a great night of bonding.

Wednesday/Thursday: Next stop: New York City for private appointments and my Home Circle/Psychic and Spiritual development group. I did over 5 hours of private readings both days to a variety of people mixing Psychic, Tarot and Mediumship consultations. By time I led my circle on Wed. night I was definitely pretty spent, but we had a good time doing experiments in “time travel” and we got to peak at a few headlines for the date 12/21/2012.

Friday: After a brief stop at my home in the Catskills it was time to board the Subaru once again and head up to a private message circle for a Singles Outreach Group in Albany NY. I have to admit to being tired and it took me a good half hour to get into my flow as a public medium but when it was all said and done the group of 18 were very happy with the results. The defining moment came when a young man, the son of one of the attendees who had tragically taken his own life came through with some very specific information for his family members. It was a sad, but  healing experience for the grieving mother. These moments are especially meaningful to me as I had to live with the tragedy of my own brother’s passing (what I would call a “masked suicide”) and experience the turmoil it created in the family. Any mom who is able to survive a tragety of this magnitude has got to be like the strongest person in the world because my mom, who was a very strong lady in her own right did not.

Saturday/Sunday: After another brief stop home Friday night I headed out to Suffolk County on Long Island. Saturday night I teamed up with Susan once again for 4 hours of private readings at a restaurant and I capped off the whirlwind tour by doing 20 readings at the Long Island Original Psychic Fair on Sunday.

On the 7th Day He Rested:   Last Monday I enjoyed a well earned day off and I decided to take a brisk 6 mile hike in the eastern Catskills. While enjoying a cool overcast day I got to trudge through the mud and rocks and enjoy some spectacular late peak foliage. During the ascent to the ridge top my Grandma came through from Spirit and spent a little “quality time” with me. She told me how much she enjoyed my childhood visits with her house and how unusual I was as a child but she also revealed to me that she was very much like me when she was growing up. She also told me that walking in the woods was her favorite activity for decompressing like myself. I never knew that…

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