Libra: The Conundrum of Relationships

This is a guest post by Between The Worlds Astrologer, Esther Frances

A conundrum is defined as a “paradoxical, insoluble, or difficult problem; a dilemma.” Most everyone I’ve ever known has at some time remarked on the particular peculiarity of the phenomenon we call relationships. Given that it is true that there is nothing that is not in relationship, thus relationship is like water to us fishes that flounder in our vessels of “partner-ships” of all kinds.

Say as, with our selves…. yes within the sub-set of personalities that live within this human Being personality entity we give a name to like Esther or Mary or Albert, yet who host an entire crew of characters within that one who is designated to represent them all.Even more impressive is the realization that within that “one” we usually think we are, there are billions of cells, each possessing an identity and a vote in determining how we function and show up in the world. Even stranger is the awakening to the awareness of…not “just the facts, Mam”…….that we are 70-90% water, (the estimates vary), 85% bacteria, 99.99999 % Space (according to cosmic mathematician/ physicist Nassim Haramein) fire, and air that each breath depends upon for us to be alive in a body!

Then there’s the realization there is no “my” water, or no “my” air, or “my” Earth, even though we make property agreements and act as if that’s not so.

We are in every way interdependent. The notion that any of us is separate from everyone and everything else is a mass delusion, an illusion created by concepts that unravel when examined and investigated. Here we are, riding through Space as part of this round lapis lazuli blue living marble, acting as if each biological body is separate from all the other ones. No wonder the countries act as if they too were separate from one another.


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Ecuador recently asked for funding so they could survive economically without cutting down their rain forests—our rain forests—-which are the lungs of the planet—not “Ecuador’s lungs,” yet the money was not forthcoming.

Meanwhile policy makers, who appear to be national leaders, threaten other ostensible national leaders, with actions that harm and poison people and plants, soil and animals, air and water, that had nothing whatsoever to do with creating whatever the disagreements are about.

A tiny number of us humans are just beginning to grasp that we live in a fractal universe meaning that we collectively, as a planetary consciousness, are as a cell in a much larger community of life then we have previously imagined.

We are collectively awakening to the realization that the identities we’ve been living as no longer fit our awareness. Like the emperor without clothes our self concepts are “out-fits” popping their “seams” as in “seems” that turn out to be illusions.

The implications of this are enormous. We can now create new identities that are in “all-I-gnment” with this new and novel idea of who and what “I” am. From that new basic understanding we can release the outgrown notion that there is a me separate from you and nations separate from other nations.

We are all essentially Spirit embodied in Mother Earth! There is no one here, no matter where they came from, that isn’t clothed in the flesh created by the Earth,
or sustained by the air and water of Earth. The temperature of Earth has direct effect on the entire planetary system as we are now witnessing in an ever- increasing variety of scenarios.

We as Earthians are a living biological body. Each bio-region, cell, continent is an integral part of the whole. It is time to see the natural configurations and the human-made nations as if they were organs in one body. We can easily then grasp the absurdity of competition or the shallow ego chest-thumping insistence that one organ has to be the best! The craziness of having an idea that it is of any benefit to be the best organ is absurd.

What is important is to be the “best,” healthiest heart, lungs, liver, etc. that any part can be for the greatest benefit to itself and to the greater whole to which it belongs. “The greatest” is not in comparative relationship to some other part of ourselves, but so that the entirety of the body and each part can flourish by each cell, organ, or system being in its optimum state of well being.

Why can’t we take this model as a template for our relationships with all of the natural world and the human created world? Once we really experience that the ancient teachings of the sages is really practical advice for us moving into planetary citizenship, we can see that a paradigm shift need not be so difficult or problematic. It is essentially a matter of consciousness.

We have so many laws, rules and customs that were designed for a time when we were living in the maya of separation. They have no place in a world of unity and interconnectedness. The implications effect all areas of our life experience: our laws, our education, work, play, health, community, family, economy, farming, etc. etc. etc.
Many have the false notion that Oneness or no separation means sameness. Nothing could be further from the truth. The other side of the coin of Oneness is diversity. Diversity is the way that Oneness experiences itself. Uniqueness is the signature of “The One.” We see this evidenced in our fingerprints and in snowflakes. We are here to be the unique manifestation of the intrinsic Oneness that we all share. It is a bit of a paradox and it is a Cosmic Conundrum only
when seen with the headset of exclusion and the delusional either/or dilemma.

At this time where and when a portion of “The Oneness” suffers from the extreme amnesia and disease of forgetting their relatedness to the greater community.

We, as a collective immune system, are called to awaken (astrological archetype of Uranus) to our greater, more inclusive identity and collectively defend the cells from the virus that has forgotten the cells are itself.

Spiritually, physically and politically we are in an immense transition. Just like the diet and rules of being a caterpillar are no longer adequate for the butterfly, we
too can no longer act as if we are powerless and insignificant. We have the opportunity to merge our spiritual awakening with our planetary immune system and take steps to insure that this marvelous species can continue to live and evolve.

The Sacred Activist work of Andrew Harvey, Daniel Sheehan’s new book “The People’s Advocate,” the upcoming weekend event “For The Planet & Her People” featuring Paul Hawkins (author of “Our Blessed Unrest”) and our local Santa Cruz Reverend Deborah L. Johnson from Inner Light Ministries, are ways we can find insights and support to strengthen our resolve to live our lives with integrity, courage and joy while we take a stand to transform our relationships with each other and the environment to reflect a greater consciousness and awareness. Often we think of Libra as the realm of our most important personal relationships. Traditionally Libra was designated as the sign most affiliated with marriage and partnership. Yes, and Libra is also the sign representing justice, the arts as emphasized in our word “Libra-ry,” and it represents the awareness that all relationships are in a dynamic balance and never static.

I think it is time we realize that Libra refers to “all our relations.” Perhaps when we realize we are in partnership with all of Life we will discover the love and respect that can experience the dance of life as “The Great Dance of

© Esther Frances, September 27, 2013


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