Lights On The Path: It’s a Family Affair

My latest stop on the path took me to a surprise birthday party one sister gifted to another.

“Surprise! I hired a Psychic Medium to talk to the dead on your birthday!”

Surprise Psychic Party

The birthday girl was so psyched and the family was abuzz with anticipation. The large family group included about 15 people ranging in age from 60s to 12. I love it when the children are invited. The session went very well – the most skeptical of the group got the first message – a very warm greeting from his deceased brother which nearly brought him to tears, and made him a believer, but the coolest part of the afternoon were the children.  There were 5 or 6 altogether (counting the college aged ones) and they loved it, and appreciated the work even more than the grown ups perhaps. Our children today are so advanced – many of whom are old souls here on planet earth during this time of great change. Many of today’s young are here to help facilitate the earth changes and help guide humanity toward a new era. I loved hearing about these kids’ psychic experiences, including one boy who told me about his remarkable gift of synesthesia (or cross sensing).  This means that he is able to “hear colors” and “smell sounds” etc. Once considered a psychosis, synesthesia is actually a highly advanced way of sensing that gives those who have it access to highly psychic and spiritual information, and this young fellow was explaining to me how his cross sensing was at times prophetic as certain colors and sounds had specific symbolic meanings for him. What a gift! And what a validation that there are remarkable souls in the bodies of our young people today. He, (and the other children) told me that they were somewhat frightened by some of their abilities (ranging form precognition to seeing/hearing Angels and Spirits), even though their open minded parents encouraged it, but after meeting with me they felt empowered to embrace and express their abilities. They asked me questions and now know that what makes them “different” is that they have a gift, and given half a chance to express themselves they will likely find that many of their peers share similar spiritual gifts of the advanced soul. They need not feel alone as people like me felt growing up in the 60s. I have utmost confidence that they will now embrace and develop their talents rather than feel ashamed or afraid because of them. For me there is nothing greater than empowering the young “old” souls to learn about themselves and grow. What an awesome feeling I had that day, knowing that my work is reaching our young in such a profound way.

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