Lights On The Path: Going Deeper

Mediumship ChallengesAnd so ends another long and busy week for a New York psychic, traveling between NYC, Long Island and Brewster, NY.  Today is my catch up day and tomorrow will be a day off.  Time to go into the woods and process.  Both my Spirituality and my mediumship seem to be undergoing massive transformation, which has proven to be both very exhilarating and highly upsetting, both at the same time.  Whether it’s the time of year, or the onset of the Aquarian age or just simply a matter of personal growth my mediumship is getting stronger, and with greater connection comes some interesting challenges.  I guess that when you connect more with Spirit you connect more your own emotions as well and now I’m discovering that the really sad cases are affecting me more than ever.

Just 2 nights ago I had a Spirit come through for his dad at a psychic dinner – picked up his name and the manner in which he died as well as a message saying he was sorry, admitting that it was a “stupid accident”.  After that, and another reading where a son was coming through for his mom, I had to take a break to weep. Never had that happen before, at least not to that extent.  Since then I have felt quite shaken as I can really feel those parents’ sadness.  All in a day’s work I guess but I’m starting to understand something Spirit told me several years ago when I asked them to help make my message work stronger.  Spirit’s response was: “You are always trying to get more information from the Spirits rather than being appreciative of what you are getting.  We could give you more but are you ready for that?” Now I see what Spirit was saying. Being more detailed in my message work means being more connected to everything, for better and for worse.  Recently I have been getting more and more details during my readings and I am now appreciating that message from Spirit which I received several years ago.  I welcome these changes, challenges included, as I am excited to be growing in my mediumship, as I am also seeing the difference my work is making in the lives of so many.

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