Lights On The Path: Mother Knows Best

In my work lately there has been a sharp increase in the number of younger people in Spirit who have been coming through for their parents. I can appreciate the courage it takes for a parent, especially a mom to just survive the loss of a child, let alone seek out a connection through a medium. I have so much compassion and boundless respect for these parents now, but I have to admit it took a little prodding from the Spirit world to get me to really appreciate the impact that such a loss can have. With so many children coming through in my readings lately, thoughts of my own experiences have been rising up.

Picture of a Mother

It started with the death of my brother. My last words to him before he left on his vacation were “Whatever you do be careful driving”. At that moment I knew I’d never see him again. One week later the terrible news of a fatal car accident came in and I suddenly found myself as the emotional care taker for my mom. My mediumship practice started developing a few years later (after Y2K) and I was bringing people up to my parent’s apartment from time to time making fabulous connections for them to the other side but the sad irony is that my mom, who witnessed some of my work, did not believe. In her view, when they’re dead – they’re gone. She never did get through the grief of losing her first born and wound up developing severe depression and heart problems. She died a few years later at age 71. Of course I understood how tremendous an ordeal this must have been for her, but perhaps I didn’t fully get it. I often found myself reaching to my mom in heaven asking her why she couldn’t have been just a little bit stronger.

A couple years after my mom’s death I was starting to feel her around me more clearly. As we came into communication I started thinking back to that whole ordeal so she found it a fit time to teach me a valuable and painful lesson. (You might want to reach for a box of tissues right about now.) I was drinking tea in my first home in the Catskills when she “called” me outside to be a “witness”. It was a matter of moments when a fawn became the unfortunate victim of a motorist, right in front of my driveway. I called 911 but the little deer had to be put down by the Sheriff as her injuries were too severe. Then the next day my mom “called” me outside again and I saw a Doe circling the fallen fawn. I figured that this deer must be the baby’s mother. “How sad.” I thought. Then the next day my mom “called” me outside again and I watched the mommy deer pawing at her dead baby to try to get her to move. I saw her come back several times that day to check on the dead fawn. Then the following morning I sat outside for some morning tea and heard the word “look!” in my left ear. It was my mom again, but this time she was directing my attention to an odd event that was unfolding on the road in front of my driveway. The mother deer was standing by the road watching the cars. I got a really peculiar feeling about this. Then I saw the deer crouch. She looked like she was about to jump, but then stopped herself as a car rolled by. She repeated these motions several times as cars were passing by on the less traveled highway. And then she crouched down again, paused for a second and then she leaped! Right in front of a speeding car! Crash!! She timed it perfectly! The driver didn’t have a chance! In disbelief I stared, and I stared some more, and then I got it. The true nature of the bond between mother and child! That deer knew exactly what she was doing. She knew that a car had killed her baby and she couldn’t handle the pain of her loss so she literally committed suicide! Oh My God! Thank’s a lot mom! I get it!!!

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