Lights On The Path: A Profound Shift

A profound shift is coming in human evolution.

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As we move through 2012, and its various astrological phenomena, some of which have not happened for 26,000 years, more and more people are feeling a profound shift in their energies, causing them to realize that something big is happening on planet earth. My take on the whole 2012/Aquarian Age phenomena is that we are in the most rapid period of human evolution ever, equivalent in scope of a culture moving from the stone age to the industrial age in 100 short years.  Since a powerful lunar eclipse on 12/21/2010, I haven’t been the same.  The planet hasn’t been the same. Something powerful and irreversible happened to me and others have told me the same thing.  The influx of energy was so strong and clear that night that I felt like the new age had begun right then and there.  I could see the changes everywhere, in myself, in my peers and in the social trends.  We have just passed through a very strong solar eclipse a couple days ago with a lunar eclipse on tap for the next full moon.  This followed by the very powerful dates, of 12/12/2012 and 12/21/2012.  These are both 11 days of ascension in numerology can represent the time where the earth lines up with the coordinates of our galactic center and the star Halcyon of the Pleiades star group. This is the time of the great shift, the leap of human consciousness and the energetic boost to shift our society into the Aquarian age of community and enlightenment.  With this shift of consciousness, human values and social trends will start to gradually shift away from the “self” and “greed” driven mentality, which has been responsible for many of our collective woes to a more enlightened, community oriented mind-set, which in turn will transform our society into a more compassionate one.  This is a process that will likely take years to complete, but the shift of energy is happening right now as I speak.

You can see the signs of great change everywhere.  Many people are feeling the increase of energy.  Many are working through greater and greater challenges.  Some are even suffering mental and emotional breakdowns.  It is a hard time but a great time to be alive.  I’ve found that I have to stay strong in my faith, continue to evolve in my work, and keep up with my spiritual practices, including Kundalini Yoga. This keeps my nervous system strong and  my body & mind healthy so that I can withstand the great energetic pressure now as I’m more sensitive to it than most. There are times I feel absolutely overwhelmed by the powerful energetic forces, and often wonder if I might go crazy myself.  Each day feels like a new beginning to me now and I can literally say each and every day that “I’ve never felt this way before”. The constant electrical “buzz” in my body keeps increasing, the ringing in my ears grows ever stronger (indicating to me the presence of Spirit) and sleep happens only sporadically now, sometimes less than 3 hours a night. I fluctuate from being super energized to feeling a paralyzing sleep, sometimes several times in a single day.  My intuition continues to get stronger; my connection to the other side deepens.  On a social level, deep cataclysmic events, like Hurricane Sandy are forcing us to become more community minded.  The financial structure is changing.  People are waking up, causing a greater disparity between the enlightened sub-population and the “sleeping giant”.  Big changes are in the air.

It will be interesting to see what happens over the next 6 weeks as we come into the peak of this transformative energy. From, yet another period of eclipses, that began last May, we’ve been in the period of the “purge” as we collectively and energetically prepare for the great shift in hand.  That will be completing now, probably around this next lunar eclipse as we enter into the crux of the evolutionary quantum leap peaking on 12/21/2012 – this according to many of the mystics and prophets.  Hold onto your hats and fasten your seatbelts. It is going to be interesting to see what will happen next…

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