Lights On The Path: Re-Treat

Call it judgment, but I’ve always had some disdain about so-called “Channels” based upon past experiences.  I’ve found them to either be very general in nature, spouting so called revelations that could be found in any “Spirituality 101” book, or to be outright phony, but each time Suzy Meszoly’s “Crystal Clear Channeling” came up I became intrigued, as if Spirit was telling me “Go!”.  So when I finally did attend one of her group sessions (with much reservation), I was surprisingly rewarded.  Firstly, we formed an instant bond that will last a lifetime. Secondly, the information she channeled was detailed, practical and highly spiritual in nature and different from the “norm”. Finally, her group of beings (known simply as the Master Teachers) worked on an energetic level and everyone in the group could feel their auras and vibrations being effected as these beings of light kept raising our frequencies so that we could (as they explained) elevate our consciousness in preparation for this period of rapid elevation of energy on the planet. The first couple of times were so strong for me in fact that I had to excuse myself and get Reiki treatments to help me adjust to the intense frequency shifts I experienced.

Ashokan Retreat

Last weekend I got to attend Suzy’s 4 day retreat at the beautiful Ashokan Center in the Catskills and what an experience! Through Suzy’s expert channeling and instruction the 35 of us present got to work with “The Master Teachers”:  Archangel Metatron, The Christed One and The Spirits of the Andes (to name a few).  We also got expert Yoga instruction from Nidhi Huba (first generation student of Yogi Bhajan). Plus we did some awesome Kirtan with the Sri Kirtan group and enjoyed a bit of free time at the sacred waterfall on grounds.  Everybody present felt a huge shift that weekend while receiving some valuable teachings.  We left there uplifted and ready to go out into the world as (according to the “Master Teachers”) everyone in attendance at this particular retreat was there because we have been “chosen” to be teachers ourselves with a mission to help facilitate the shift in consciousness that is now taking place on the planet.

Suzy’s work has been one of the brightest “lights on the path”. Through this work my vibrations/energy fields are undergoing a profound shift towards higher frequencies. This helps with my mediumship immeasurable as mediums must raise their vibration when they work in order to connect with Spirit loved-ones and guides who exist in a higher energetic realm. Of course, I hope everyone reading this will check out Suzy, but no matter what teacher you work with make sure you treat yourself occasionally to a “re-treat”.  The training and just being in the presence of spiritual teachers 24/7 will make a huge difference in your overall development. Be kind to yourself; be kind to the planet for the better you are the better everyone else will be.

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