Lights On the Path: Sonic Youth

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Children’s week at Lily Dale is most definitely one of the brightest lights on the path. If you have never heard of Lily Dale, it is the oldest and largest Spiritualist community on the planet (Spiritualism is a faith and religion based upon the belief that life is a continuous process and that all beings are of the same source).  Once a year in later July, Lily Dale opens its gates to the gifted children of the world for a week of fun, new friends and spirituality. Master-minded by Dr. Patricia Bell, “Children’s Week” attracts a growing collection of kids each year of all ages (as well as kids in adult bodies) from diverse backgrounds and locations. Many of these children are spiritually gifted from birth (crystal and indigo children) and many others are being exposed to higher consciousness for the very first time. Programs range from intuition development, children’s mediumship and energy healing to native studies, Qigong, dream work and spiritual arts and crafts. There is also a very cool beach party, an ice cream social, ghost walk and an awesome talent show to round out the busy week of activities.

When my son Ogden started coming to Lily Dale at age 7 he completely opened up and became noticeably more outgoing, like he grew about 2 years emotionally in one week in the safe haven of Lily Dale. He delivered his very first (and might I add very accurate) spirit message at the children’s mediumship class that year. He has come to Children’s week every year since and it is still one of his special highlights of the year. He’s 13 now and is starting to show a talent for spiritual (energy) healing.

During this time of expanding consciousness there are more wise souls in the bodies of children than ever before and they are the holders of the golden key for growth and transformation of our planet.  I pray that many more programs like this one spring up around the world – and soon!

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