Lights on the Path: Surviving the Times

For me, Mediumship has always been more than just a profession or a talent. It is a complete way of life and a path to Spirit unto itself. In fact, it has become the very heart of my existence and it is through opening my heart, that I’m able to make connections with Spirit guides and loved ones for others. Everything I do now is a devotional act and my entire life. On a day to day level, my life has become filled with joy and ecstasy knowing that I am on the right path of serving Spirit and helping many “Human Spirits” along the way. One of the many “lights on the path” has been Yoga. After several years of Hatha Yoga practice I discovered Kundalini Yoga and after just one class, I was hooked. I still mix my training as all Yoga (when taught as a spiritual discipline) is good and has something to offer, but Kundalini Yoga hit a certain chord within me from day one and has subsequently changed my life in the 2 and a half years I’ve been practicing it. It has accelerated my spiritual growth many fold and as well has been instrumental in my development as a psychic and a medium. This form of Yoga is not for everyone, as it does work in very specific ways, but it was created for these times of rapid human development and therefor it’s benefits are in sync with the current shift into the Aquarian Age that is now happening on our planet. If you’d like more info on this practice you can do a quick Google search for “Yogi Bhajan” or “H3O”. We are in a time of rapid evolution of our species and having a spiritual practice that works with the body and nervous system, as well as the psyche and the Spirit, is more important than ever.  Yoga is one of several great choices to accomplish this end.

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