Lights On The Path: Urban Feathers

“New York City, just like I pictured it…” – Stevie Wonder

As many of you know I am working on a “new line” of sorts, “Power Attunements” Spiritual Coaching. In fact, I’m starting my first Power Attunements group next week and the CDs should be out by the end of the year. Yesterday morning I was working on my notes for the group, asking Spirit if this is what I’m suppose to be doing, then on my way to the grocery store I found a perfect white feather with a black speckled tip; on 2nd Avenue!  I’ve never seen such a clean white feather in New York City ever and took this little pigeon feather, with the colors of a bald eagle to be a powerful sign to continue doing this work, this is what the people need now and Spirit wishes to use me as a conduit for these teachings.

Midtown at night.My sessions tend to follow themes anyway and all my readings that day, at least the ones for the new clients turned out to be for people who felt unfulfilled and although they “had it all” still felt like something was missing. I picked up that what was “missing” is Spirit and what they “needed” was to engage Spirit in their day to day lives, and of course this is what Power Attunements is all about. I found 2 other white feathers that day from different birds in different spots (I don’t think I’ve found 3 white feathers in the city in the span of 10 year let alone in one day) as if Spirit not just telling me, but “demanding” me to do this work, that this is what they wish to do through me now. I love when the universe gives me signs. Synchronicities are such a powerful tools for Spirit communication, signposts pointing toward the truth and I’ve learned through the years to open my eyes and read those signs.

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