Lights On The Path: As The World Turns

If you feel as though the (so-called) Mayan prophecy about the world ending on 12/21 has taken on the life of a soap opera, you are probably right and you are definitely not alone. Though this is a time of great change, there is certainly quite a bit of hype surrounding it all. As I progress on my own personal journey that is approaching that all important date of 12/21/2012, I’ve noticed some very interesting shifts and changes both within me and around me.  These are very profound and powerful shifts but I never have, and still don’t feel like this is the “end of the world” on any level. As the world turns...In fact, I believe the day may come and go relatively unnoticed and if we do experience a noticeable shift or some large scale event, it is more likely to happen closer to Dec. 23rd to the 30th as some substantial astrological aspects take place during that time. Still, this has been an interesting journey thus far this month as the “crest” of some type of energetic leap takes place which has been affecting our planet for a number of years now. I think in my personal journey, the dates Dec. 2 and the 3rd have been the most defining. There was an unusual alignment with 3 planets to the pyramids of Giza during this time, one which won’t happen again for 28.000 years, which in my opinion activated some type of energy grid on the planet.  Nothing has been the same ever since. The buzzing, the ringing of the ears as well as strong vibrations in my body that I have been feeling for quite some time seems to have suddenly and permanently gotten stronger.  

The energies, though remaining strong, slackened some until we approached the triple activation date (in numerology) of 12/12/12 where I led a circle which was hugely powerful, for 12 people no less and on virtually no sleep I did some pretty outstanding psychic and healing work on and around that date. Part of the building energy now (according to New Age theorists, Channels and some Quantum Physicists) has been due to a gradual increase in ultra-gamma rays on our planet. There is literally more light (at ultra-high frequencies) on our planet now that is changing our physical and energetic structures. This activates our dormant DNA strands (associated with the “miracles of the saints”) which will potentially give us all “super human” powers in the decades that follow, assuming this theory is correct, which I believe to be the case. This is in lieu of some cosmic alignments within our own galaxy as well as other star systems that peak on 12/21/12.  Now it’s 12/17 and the energy seems to be building again as we near the fated and oft maligned winter solstice day of 2012. Though this is an important activation period and in fact maybe THE most important of our lifetimes, not only for human consciousness but for the energy of the whole planet at large, it is not a one day event but rather a crest of energy that has been (in my opinion) building for a long time. Then it was activated 2 years ago during another important winter solstice of 12/21/2010 when we had a “super lunar eclipse” where the moon passed dead center through the earth’s relatively large shadow resulting in a long duration total eclipse. This in my observation, changed the vibration of  our living planet as well as all her inhabitants and initiated the final stage of the current activation cycle which is peaking now (12/21) and is awakening what many refer to as “the Divine Feminine” where the mysteries of our own origins as well as our true spiritual natures will start coming out of the shadows. Though the activation cycle will complete soon after this date the energy will likely to continue refining through 2013 and beyond as the world will still be very much present, but we will be one step closer to knowing our spiritual roots as well as our own true natures as the most rapid period of ascension ever of human evolution continues through 12/21/2012 and beyond…

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