Lights On The Path: Riders on the Storm

As Hurricane Sandy was growing off the Florida coast, I was feeling more and more drained, as if the life force was being sucked right out of me. I felt like I had the flu because I could barely muster up the energy to get out of bed, yet I was not ill. But then as she peaked and the winds started blowing I started to feel the release of all that energy it took to create one of the largest and most powerful storms in history and I started feeling super charged and amazing as a result. What I was feeling aligned perfectly with what nature was doing. To build a storm of this magnitude requires a great deal of atmospheric energy and nature draws that energy from everything at her disposal, including us. Then when the storm’s energy releases in the form of winds, rains and huge ocean swells, we become energized by her massive release as well. After all, we are one and are all part of the same planet and energetic universe as are the storms.

Tree damage by my house in Kerhonkson, NYThe night before the storm hit I set up a group prayer for safety with my friends from Facebook both far and near.  At the designated time, I went outside to channel the energy of everyone’s prayers.  After about 5 minutes, I felt the prayers of hundreds of people surge through my body and in a blast of energy the essence of all the prayers rushed out of my hands and into the wind and clouds. Right then a huge gust of wind, twice as strong  as any other prior gust, roared through releasing the prayers into the atmosphere and I knew in that moment that our work was complete.

I made the usual preparations; gas for the generator, I bought food for days, gassed up the car, brought in the firewood, canceled events, etc.  The day the storm hit I woke up from a dream where everything in my world was crystal clear, glistening in newly fallen snow.  The winds began to howl and by 4PM the gusts here in the mid-elevations of the Catskills approached hurricane force.  Then SNAP!  The first tree came down falling miraculously and inexplicably in a way that missed the house.  Then 3 hours of mayhem broke out.  The gusts blasted through the trees with the sounds of cracks and intense whistles and when the peak of the storm was over at sundown 6 trees (all White Pines) had fallen on the property, 2 of them missing the house by inches and roof shingles were scattered everywhere.  I had no fear as I knew Great Spirit was watching over us, and my housemate, her child and a friend and I did some prayers and rituals (from our basement) during the height of the storm to help the trees fall down out of harm’s way.  I became one with the storm at times and understood, at least to some degree it’s purpose, as large storms are nature’s way of cleansing and purging, not destroying.  I felt charged and excited, yet apprehensive as well for within the fabulous energy of the beautiful tempest I could feel the undercurrent of millions of suffering people, many of whom were fearing for their lives.

County Executive Mike Hein during a public update on River Road in Port Ewen

The day after all was revealed by the media.  Coastal floods, fires, devastation.  For 5 days leading up to the event I blogged my weather forecasts on Facebook to help people cope with the storm and perhaps save lives and with the help of spirit I was able to predict the size, strength, location and impacts of Sandy  to the letter.  All and all, it became a mystical experience and through it all, from the ability to predict it’s life, to the prayer ritual and the ebb and flow of my personal energy, right down to the peak of the storm itself I felt like I was one with nature and it was absolutely exhilarating.

Storms don’t kill people; people kill people- yet with all the death and suffering we endure, storm after storm, we continue to build our homes on the flood plains and right along the coasts and we do not take measures to prevent trees from  falling on our houses.  We continue to cut corners and build structures that cannot stand up to hurricanes, tornados and earthquakes, and we continue to pack people into coastal cities leaving them vulnerable, and with no way out when the “big one” strikes.  Then we blame the storm for the deaths and suffering that occurs rather than learn how to work with, and build with nature in the way our indigenous ancestors did. That is all it would take for us to reduce the toll of death and suffering  by 99% and to start appreciating and harnessing the amazing and vast energies of storms like Sandy for they truly are spectacular creations of our beautiful, dynamic planet created in the vibration of love by the Great Spirit.


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