Lights on the Path: The Mission

The spirit messenger via

I’m grateful for so much this season, and every day of the year for that matter but probably my greatest gratitude stems from my work, and that Spirit has entrusted me to be one of her messengers and emissaries. It’s an honor beyond all others in my book and I feel so blessed because my work towards personal spiritual evolution has also become my full time job, livelihood, and ticket to wealth in this lifetime. The grind of this work however has been on my mind a lot lately as behind the “glamour” (if that’s what you want to call it) of being a professional psychic medium is a lot of hard work and stress that lies beneath the surface. Once you’ve reached a certain level of achievement expectations run very high and the pressure to be always “on” can be a bit overwhelming at times. There are days when I’m exhausted, from either lack of sleep or a heavy workload. Other days the natural intuition cycles may be low. I may be going through something emotionally that hampers my work and there are many other variables that can effect my performance as well, yet the pressure to be always “on” can be immense as I do not like to disappoint. Also my services are not cheap and mostly I feel I have a big responsibility as a messenger of Spirit to deliver the goods each and every time.

There is often a lot of travel that goes into this work as well that effects my energy as well. I could easily get psyched out by all this and quit but instead I treat every job, whether it’s a phone reading or a message gallery for hundreds of people as a “Mission”. A “Mission from God” lol. Before I start each job, or “mission” and when I’m done I thank Spirit for helping me to fulfill it. This keeps me in the moment and keeps me from getting overwhelmed about my schedule as for each day I only focus on the single mission at hand. It also keeps me from being too in my ego, where I judge and measure my performance, but rather I leave it all up to Spirit. I just open up and set my intention, and ask Spirit to do the rest acknowledging the “mission” Spirit has sent me on that day. Then if I have an “off day”, or whatever, I can know this has nothing to do with ME as I am just the messenger and that I have remained true to Spirit. What ever did or did not come through was of Spirit’s will. Not mine.

When I get angst from my responsibilities or heavy work loads just the mere thought of remembering that I am just the messenger, and this work is not, nor ever has been about me but rather about the message I can relax, let go and allow Spirit to work her magic through me unobstructed by egoic thinking. That’s not to say I will never feel I did not do my job to the fullest, or judge myself at all but getting my personal ego out of the way certainly has made a big difference in not only the quality of my work, but how I handle the stresses as well.

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