From Lily Dale New York: Adam Bernstein Welcomes You

Adam Bernstein at the Ashokan ReservoirGreetings, and welcome to my psychic blog. Here you will find some of my thoughts and feelings as well as my experiences related to my life and path as a Psychic Medium, energy healer and empowerment coach. It seems only appropriate that I am writing my very first blog from Lily Dale New York, the country’s oldest and largest Spiritualist community and the “Mecca” for people in my field. I am here with my son Ogden for Children’s week which is a wonderful program for psychic and spiritually advanced children to practice and develop their skills in a safe and nurturing environment. This is actually a subject I care a great deal about; so much so in fact that I am presently writing a book aimed at helping the growing number of amazing gifted children as well as the parents that they are “raising”. 

On this trip my son and I got to meet with, and spend time with some of the world’s most famous mediums and the classes my son has attended have been fun and informative. For example, he has learned how to make, and use a pendulum, and today he has a children‘s Mediumship class. This is a very empowering program for kids and it is presented in the heart centered vibration of love which is the true essence of authentic Mediumship practice.

My blog is intended to enlighten, inform and entertain and your feedback is always encouraged. We are all connected; in fact we are all individual manifestations of the same divine source. We are one. We are currently in a time of great change and exponential growth on our planet, and by focusing on our own evolution we help one another grow as well. It is all part of the universal law of attraction. As I write I encourage everyone to take up a spiritual practice. Whether it‘s Yoga, meditation, religion or simply spending time in nature do something which will make a difference in your life, and positively affect the lives of those around you. Raising your consciousness is the single most important thing you can do right now to help raise awareness on our planet. As the “Great Soul” Mahatma Ghandi said “Be the change you want to see in the world”. This is the best way to create that change.

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