A Meditation For the Season: Bring On the Light

1. Before beginning this process decide (or ask your Spirit or Guides) which patterns, circumstances or energies that you wish to leave behind with the dark season and what it is that you wish to create or attract during the light time of the year. Write a list if you wish. You can do this meditation anytime and as often as you like during the month of March but it will be most powerful around the Equinox.

2. Get comfortable in a seated position. Do a deep relaxation. Gently focus upon your breath and everything happening within you and around you in the present moment.

3. Visualize or imagine that you are surrounded by total darkness. Think for a moment on the energies you are now letting go of (from step 1). Take a moment to embrace those experiences, even the painful ones and thank them for what they have taught you, and then set your intentions that you will now leave them behind with the dark season in favor of creating new experiences for the new season of light.

4. Next visualize/imagine the right side of your body and energy fields starting to turn a bright and brilliant white. See and feel this light increasing until the entire right half of your body and aura is ablaze in brilliant, almost blinding white light while the entire left half remains in complete darkness.

5. Remain in this state of perfect balance for a few moments. Simultaneously remain aware of the darkness to your left and the energies it represents that you are stepping out of as well as the light energy to the right (and the energy and experiences the light represents), which you are now stepping into. Allow yourself to become the totality of both light and dark and allow yourself to become one with them both, poised in perfect balance and oneness between light and dark for a moment. Become one with all experience and all that is for a brief moment in time.

6. Next start to see and feel the blazing white light to your right gradually overtake the dark energy to your left – again thanking the darkness for all it’s taught you. Continue this process until the darkness disappears all together and you are completely surrounded in bright brilliant white light.

7. Be aware of the change in your emotions, energy and physical sensations as you become completely surrounded by the light. Take a moment to energetically connect deeper with the light. Visualize your dreams and desires (from step 1) as if they are already happening. See it. Know it! Feel the positive emotions that this generates and allow that emotion to make the light within you and around you even stronger.

8. Thank your Guides/Angels and the Divine Spirit for assisting you in your path. Let your visualizations go for now and spend a moment or to in reverence and gratitude. Then gradually start moving your body, feel you feet firmly on the ground and then open your eyes.

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