Meditation: Journey With the Fool

When we start on our paths (whether it be a Spiritual path, or a new project in life) we know nothing, we have experienced nothing. We are completely innocent and with blind trust and out of sheer ignorance we tend to throw all caution to the wind, and we often get hurt as a result. Certainly this is the essence of foolishness. The “Foolish Fool”.  But each time we fall we get up and become a little wiser. According to the wisdom of the Tarot “The Fool” passes through 22 steps of spiritual development.  As evolving “fools” we learn to become cautious. We learn about the world, about Spirit, about Love, about creation, about destruction, about intuition and about the universe, but when we reach the end of that journey fully developed we arrive right back at the place we started, at the place of The Fool.  Only now we are “The Wise Fool”. Ignorance is replaced with knowledge and blind trust is replaced with genuine trust, the trust that comes from knowing God. So out of sheer wisdom we may still throw all caution to the wind at times but now we will never get hurt, for now we have the wisdom to choose wisely knowing that we can always benefit from taking appropriate risks. May we all learn from the Fool’s Journey this April and become a little bit wiser this as a result.

Note: Do not read “step 10” until after you have tried this process.

1. Before starting this process get an image of either the Fool Card from the Tarot or “The Joker” from a deck of playing cards (which in essence are the same ) in your mind. You can keep this card with you during this meditation if you like. Remember to be imaginative. Allow images to come to you spontaneously. Give yourself permission to make things up as you go along, thus further engaging your imagination.

2. Become deeply relaxed through conscious breathing and relaxing the body completely. Stay completely aware in the present moment.

3. Visualize The Fool or Joker Card in front of you

4. Imagine/visualize the card coming to life as a 3 dimensional being. See the Fool in front of you beckoning to take you on a journey (optional: ask “The Fool” a specific question that you need guidance on).

5. Let the Fool take you by the hand and together start flying to a mystical place in the clouds.

6. Once you land on a cloud imagine that the 2 of you are walking on a path. Notice if any animals, Spirits or Angels are walking with you. Notice the scenery, hear the sounds, see the sights, engage your sense of smell in this visualization. Again be free to get everything spontaneously, without thinking, even if it seems that you are making it up.

7. Continue down your path until you come to 3 doors or gates on your path, each leading to separate paths. Then without thinking choose one of the doors and go through it.

8. Continue, with “The Fool” and any other helpers down your chosen path noticing everything you feel, sense and see. Let yourself arrive at a place. or destination and either sense, imagine or visualize where you are, again noticing everything around you in the scene engaging all of your inner senses. Take it all in and know that you will remember the content of your vision even after you complete this process.

9. When you are ready allow “The Fool” to take you by the hand and lead you through the clouds, back to earth and back into your body. Deepen your breath, ground your energy by feeling your feet or the base of your spine firmly on the ground then open your eyes when ready.

10. If you chose the left path your journey has taken you to the past and there is something you must revisit and learn in order to fulfill your journey. If you chose the center path you are choosing to be aware in the present and are completely free to create any possible outcome you desire and the right door represents the future, and if you chose that one you are being shown the direction your life will take based upon your past and present choices (which ultimately you have the power to change if you choose). When you are done write down the key symbols, images and impressions you get on a note pad or in your journal and see if you can decode the symbolic messages your Spirit is giving you through the essence of the “Wise Fool”.

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