Once In 26,000 Years

May 20, 2012 – The Mayans, Native Americans and ancient Egyptians alike have prophesized this date to be an important turning point in human evolution. For the first time in 26,000 years a direct alignment between Earth, sun, moon and the constellation “The Pleiades” will occur during a solar eclipse. When the sun appears larger than the moon, creates a total eclipse, and appears to have a ring of sunlight around it, the appearance resembles a ring of fire. This rare “ring of fire” eclipse will energize this alignment. It also allows for yet another great opportunity to raise planetary and personal awareness to enter a new and more spiritual vibration.

Mayan Calendar courtesy of crystalinks.com

Mayan Calendar courtesy of crystalinks.com

The New Moon and Sun will eclipse at the very beginning of Gemini, peaking around 7:20 PM. This is the sign of communication and community on 5/20/2012 – a universal #3 day, according to numerology, of growth and expansion.  Solar eclipses, which always occur on the new moon, energize and create change, adding to the power of the new beginnings already associated with the new moon.

Ring of Fire Eclipse

Photo Courtesy of ecorazzi.com

Add to this the alignment with the Pleiades, a long standing symbol of higher consciousness and the result is a super-charged wave of energy that will bring significant shifts in mass consciousness across our planet Be sure to keep an eye on what happens during the next 40 days that follow! Many of the world’s indigenous cultures believed that the Pleiades held mystical powers. Multi-cultural legend has it that the beings of Light from the Pleiades star systems have been interacting with human development for millennia. Many Shamans and mystics through the ages have believed that this celestial event will have the power to bring a new dawn of understanding to our planet, aided by the benevolent wisdom that these beings of light have to offer.

To assist in the process of creating a sense of spiritual community set your intentions for creating new beginnings and higher spiritual values in your life. Try doing a meditation, with your open heart and mind, to experience the oneness you have with all beings. Imagine that you are meditating together in a group of one million. On May 20 or May 21 (if you can) participate in any type of group meditation or spiritual gathering aimed toward consciousness raising.  Like a “rogue wave” in the ocean, when several smaller waves come together to create one larger wave, a “super wave” of consciousness is getting ready to wash ashore on planet Earth.  Wax up the surfboard. This is going to be quite a ride!

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