Oneness Meditation

  1. Sit or lie down. Get comfortable. Focus upon your breath.
  2. Allow yourself to relax more deeply with each breath.
  3. When you are in a deep relaxation allow yourself to open your awareness. Feel your body, and the space, or aura within and around your physical body. Be aware of the sounds, the scents and the feelings around you. If your mind wanders gently come back to your breath and the feelings within and around your body.
  4. Allow your aura within and around your body to grow larger, expanding throughout your room. Feel this expansion with your heart. Remain open and aware and conscious of your breath. Be aware of any changes in your emotions and feelings as you are expanding. Notice if you can feel the energy of your expansion, like a “buzz” or “current”. Be aware of colors, patterns or tones/musical notes that come into your mind.
  5. Next feel your energy (or aura) expanding past the walls into the street, village or neighborhood around you. Feel the expansion through your heart center. Remain aware of your breath. Your physical body may seem tiny now in comparison to your huge energy field. Notice the subtle energetic shifts by being open to and aware of every nuance of your sensory experience, both inwardly and outwardly.
  6. Keep expanding. Allow your heart space to expand with your aura. Stay attuned to your breath as well as the feelings and energy of your expanding aura. Eventually feel and see it expanding through and merging with the entire Earth, and all her oceans and mountains, all her energy fields, and all her life. Be aware of everything you are feeling, seeing and knowing as you are becoming one in energy with Mother Earth. Allow yourself to experience oneness with the Earth and all her creations (including people)
  7. Use this technique to expand into the atmosphere, solar system, galaxy and eventually the Universe. Feel the peace, and freedom of being one with the entire universe.
  8. When you are ready allow your aura to retract through the stages eventually contracting back into and around your physical body, yet allowing part of your awareness to remain one with the universe. When you feel grounded and fully in your body open your eyes.
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